Rose of Versailles has been called Takarazuka’s most popular show.

In 1974, the popularity of the Takarazuka theater was waning, and the troop faced bankruptcy. They decided to perform a musical adaptation of Rose of Versailles.From 1974 to 1976, all four Takarazuka troupes staged The Rose of Versailles, drawing a total audience of 1.6 million. In 1989, it was restaged drawing an audience of 2.1 million.
(collected from internet)

Honestly, I’m not very fall for Takarazuka musical, though from what I watched, they’re really good with acting and the music is so beautiful. And as far as I know, thank to Takarazuka that when they made the anime, they focus on Oscar and André. There’s a rumor about the real main characters, but it’s just rumor and I don’t like it so, sorry but I’ll keep it for myself ^^
And I can’t watch the show, even if I can, I won’t understand, all I can do is taking, collecting picture of Takarazuka show then post them here, enjoy ^^

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2 thoughts on “Takarazuka

  1. riêng e thì e cực kết cái này..:x Marie Antoinette năm 2006 với 2001 phải gọi là đẹp dã man…:x:x
    riêng về An với Os thì khuyến cáo coi từ nằm 2001 trở lên…cấm coi ngược lại ko thì đừng mếu khóc :)))
    có điều trang điểm môi hơi đâm … bik sao dc ..truyền thống của Taka mà..:)))

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