Please read before leaving comments

As I have stated on the front page, this site is for “the rose of Versailles” and relevant topics. It is not centered community in general, only things about “the rose of Versailles”. Yet, comments are valued as I’m always happy to hear from other fans. This encourages me to keep up my work since I know I’m sharing it with someone. However, over the years I have encountered things that aren’t very pleasant or polite. I’m not talking about negative comments or different opinions – for example I, and probably other Oscar fans won’t hate you if you prefer her to end up with Fersen- I’m talking about some of the things that listed below…

  1. Because of the recent increasing activities of trolls and keyboard warriors, I’m sorry but from now on you can only comment with your wordpress, twitter, facebook or google+ account.
  2. First timer’s comments will go through approval process before appearing on the site.
  3. Please Only use English, Vietnamese or at least Italian on this site. One or two exotic words in a full English comment is not a problem, but using other language for the entire comment will lead to the result that is is deleted. There’re exceptions though.
  4. Exception is commenting on those rare fanfic written in other language that are posted here. In this case: English, Vietnamese, Italian plus the language that the fanfic is written in are accepted. Another exception is that I’m extremely bored and decide to use google translate to read and reply to said comment.
  5. This site is not Facebook, Myspace or any other social media platform that is popular with teenagers, please don’t treat it like one.
  6. I’ll never modify/edit your comment, unless you ask me to. I might delete it, however, if:
    • It’s a spam.
      While a one-word comment such as: “OK!” is absolutely acceptable during a discussion…it’s not appreciated for those to be written under my announcement for the new color scheme of the site. Also, something  seems to be an innocent short comment like: “Pretty site.” but link to a plastic surgery website is not permitted. And needless to mention those bot-spam with various links and keywords, they’ll all be marked as spams and deleted.
    • It contains too many links.
      Normally the anti spam will automatically hold any comment with more than two link for moderation, you might notice your comment disappear after reloading the page. The comment will be reviewed and I’ll decide to keep the links and the comment, remove links and keep the comment, or delete the entire comment.
    • It’s personal attacks.
      Any comment that fails to respect the owner of the site or other commenters will go to the trashcan.
  7. If your comment does not appear on the site within a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate any of the terms above, please contact me.