These’re some important things
I want to tell you

  1. If you see ads on this site, they are placed by WordPress, not me.
  2. If you want your fanworks appear on this site or bring the fanworks here to somewhere else, please read this first and then contact me.
  3. If you can understand this site, that mean you can understand English properly, then please, read the notice, note…and other things that you should pay attention. Especially, please read page ratings guide carefully, I won’t take any responsibility if you watch/read any of my fanworks when you’re not old enough.
  4. I value every comment, I treasure all your compliment and complement. But I find it’s not possible for me to always response. So:
    • I will answer your questions, sometimes just within hours, sometimes days after. If you prefer a faster reply, please contact me.
    • I will reply to all the contributory comments.
    • If my busy life allows me, I will reply to other random comments.
    • Though I do appreciate them, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to reply to all those vague comments such as “Lovely picture”, “Nice story”.
  5. Sometimes, the anti spam might automatically deletes some comments if it thinks they’re spam (mostly because the comment contains many links). Very sorry if it delete your comment, but please understand, that’s not what I intend to do.
  6. In that case, please contact me. Yet, please make sure it’s really because of the anti spam system, not because of the number “8”.
  7. Sometimes, I might delete your comment myself, the reasons could be found here.