My fanfic – Victor – chapter 1


rating: MA
condition: on going
genre: romance/drama
author: Mia

I think the title’s quite easy for you to figure out who’s the main character of this fic.  I just realized we know nothing about Girodelle, and since he’s one of my favorites, I want to create a life for him. I’ve done some research about French history, but I haven’t found all the things I need, then I’m really sorry if there’s any mistake in this fic. If you found one or more, please help me correct.

I’ve to say, I’m both an André fan and a Girodelle fan, and I’m also a fan of tragic stories, so sometimes I can be a bit evil to the characters. Sorry in advance, but you have to accept my stubborn ideas 😈

I’m not sure if there is going to be any hot or violent chapter, then the rate MA is for safe, and if something’s too much, I will use password 😀

Special thanks to Mirona and Rapunzel: Thanks for supporting and helping and bearing my crazy ideas! :mrgreen:

Chapter 1

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