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22 March 2009 – Up to 5 April 2009, “François – Versailles Rock Drama” was performed at  theater Vascello of Rome (Italy).

The article below is just a short introduction, you can find a more indepth review here

This’s the rock opera musical version of “the rose of Versailles” or “lady Oscar”. When I first heard about this, I’ve tried searching the internet for information, and I found this:

Lady Oscar - François - Versailles Rock Drama

Looks really rock, right? I also found it’s official website ( which right now I impossibly find again), the decoration is also really, really rock. I don’t like rock, so I didn’t care about it. And though I was a bit curious, I told myself : never mind, I can’t watch it anyway. Beside,  I was afraid that musical would be even worse than the live action .( Hey, I said I hate rock, remember?)

But I just finished watching it a minute ago, not the full musical, just some parts people uploaded on youtube and other video sites. And I have to say, I LOOOVE it!!! It’s really really great!!! And it’s a thousand times better than the live action!!!

So, I’m doing this: writing a review about it!

There’s not much thing to say, cause I only watched a few parts, and though I know a little Italian, the only words I can hear are “ti amo io” means “I love you” 😳

“The musical, directed by the young Andrea Palotto differs from the original story at some point, however, remained faithful to the basic content, and had an acting method suitable for theatrical performance.”

Lady Oscar - François - Versailles Rock Drama That is what I understand from an Italian article. Well, it’s true that this musical has some different details, but that’s fine to me! The actors and actresses were wonderful, I can say they understood their characters really well. The way Oscar shouted when André passed away still touched my heart deeply…

And the time André ripped Oscar shirt, my heart still stopped beating…

Lady Oscar - François - Versailles Rock Drama

Well, here’re the staffs:

Author: Andrea Palotto
musical direction: Emiliano Torquati
Regie: Andrea Palotto
Choreography: Rita Pivano; assistant Cristian Ruiz
Vocal trainer: Raffaella Misiti; maestro Stefano Pantano armi
Makeup: Marco Palmieri, costumes: Bianca Borriello
Scene: Gianluca Amodio

François – Lady Oscar: Alice Mistroni
André Grandier: Danilo Brugia
Robespierre / Puppeteer: Massimiliano Micheli
Augustine de Jarjeyes: Alessandro Tirocchi
Fersen: Cristian Ruiz
Marie Antoniette: Emanuela Maiorani
Duke D’Orleans: Igino Massei
Marie: Anna Cetorelli
Countess / Marguerite: Gloria Gulino
Sophie: Dominga Cozzolino
King Louis XVI: Filippo Dini
King Louis XV / host: Francesco Biolchini
Bastien ( I think this’s Alain, or Bernard) : Cristiano Leopardi
Doctor / Valletto ( this mean “Footman”, and I don’t know if  it is a name or what, so I decided to leave it as it is)  : Paul Cives
(By the way, where is Girodelle? :cry:)

I also found some nice pictures, wanna enjoy them? Go to the next page ^^


22 thoughts on “Rock opera

  1. I’m italian and I have had the great fortune for me to watch the show in Rome…great! Alice Massironi that play Oscar is amazing ! And the music…the music is Really great! I have the honor to know Master Palotto years after…He is a great musician and a great rocker togheter…
    Francoise Opera Rock is a great spettacle!!!

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