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I’ve always been a fan of figures, not dolls. Even though nowadays dolls and figures aren’t really different, there’s still something about figure that makes them more lively, more “real”. I mean, figures usually take after the characters really well, meanwhile dolls almost always have to be a little bit “creative”, which mean “different than the characters”. Unfortunately, for ROV, there have never been a doll or figure that really capture 100% the characters’ appearance and spirit.
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Pullip 2013 Marie Antoinette and Oscar (and bonus)

Warning #1: This isn’t intended for doll collectors, so if you are into dolls please don’t read it, because I’m fairly certain you won’t like it. This’s written with the mind of a Rose of Versailles’ fan and is dedicated to other Rose of Versailles’ fans. This’s about Rose of Versailles, not Pullip dolls.


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Disclaimer: Not all photos are taken by me. I give credits and made sure the photos are from source/people who are okay with reposting, but I might make mistake. If you’re the owner of the photos and don’t want them here, please let me know and I’ll take it down as soon as possible.
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