My video- Au revoir

A video for Girodelle! I think this song’s perfect for him!!

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My doujinshi – Alcohol is dangerous


A doujinshi for Dec-25th, Well, a little late, but happy birthday Oscar!!

Author: Mia
Rating: T
Genre: romance
Condition: completed

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My fanfic – Just


rating: T
condition: complete
genre: angst/poetry
author: Mia


Just the stars, just the moon, just the night
Just the breeze’s crossing my empty mind
Just gone, gone and gone your silent smile
This moment I know I’m allowed to cry…

Just the dark, just the wind, just the tears
Just my rapid breath that I hear
Just my heart’s trembling with fear
The world turns scary because you’re not here…

Just you were always by my side
Just you were like the shadow of mine
Just for me anything you would try
And for me you gave up your life…
Without the shadow there shall be no light
And now forever you leave me behind…

My fanfic – My André!

Oscar André

My André!

rating: T
condition: complete
genre: angst
author: Mia
beta reader: 7Ace

This’s not really a new idea, I’ve written a fic, no, a short paragraph about it, but now it’s a real fanfiction! The reason is: I’ve just heard a song a few days ago, and it has waken up my writing spirit! It’s “Song For A Stormy Night”, lyrics by Brendan Graham, vocal by Steinar Albrigtsen, from “Inside I’m Singing – Norwegian Edition 2007” of Secret Garden.
Secret Garden is an award winning Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some as Neo-classical music, features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland.
(according to

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