Haken no Oscar

First, I didn’t plan to watch this drama, coz it’s a comedy, I’m not really interested in comedies. But, it’s related to ROV, and I just want to know everything concern with ROV ^^!

By the way, this’s not really a review for Haken no Oscar, because I don’t know Japanese so I couldn’t understand anything they said. This’s all I can understand:

Misawa Katsuko is a ROV maniac, and so every thing in her life, every event, every situation…remind her to the details in ROV. She adores Oscar ( of course, who ever watch/read this story doesn’t adore Oscar?) and love every body around her: André, Antoinette… She applied for a temporary job, even while she was waiting for her turn in the interview, her eyes sticked on the ROV manga 😆
During her short job, sometimes she heard and saw the illusion Oscar, told her what she should do, and she followed that voice. There were also 2 men that she compared them with André and Fersen…Well, and the ending was a bit surprise 😀

I have some screencaps, they’re 40 pics for each ep, mean 240 pics in total, I’ve chosen ( which I think are) important scenes to capture, so if you plan on watching this movie, you will be spoiled! But if you don’t mind that, here they are:

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6

Disclaimer: This’s a drama broadcast on NHK (日本放送協会, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, Official English name: Japan Broadcasting Corporation,  Japan’s national public broadcasting organization), but it took me more than a week to capture all the scenes, so, I added my site link on them for all my hard work. Sceencaps don’t belong to anyone, unless you have copyrights to the series!

Production Credits:

Original writing (manga): Shojo Manga by Matsuda Naoko (松田奈緒子)
Screenwriter: Kaneko Arisa
Directors: Kasaura Tomochika (笠浦友愛), Yoshikawa Kunio (吉川邦夫)
Music: Yoshimata Ryo
Broadcast network: NHK



13 thoughts on “Haken no Oscar

  1. Marie Antoinette in this was played by Asami Hikaru!!!!So late that I realize her at this time!!! ahhhh…She’s very famous and she was a Top Star of Takarazuka Revue!!! I love her smile so much and in Takarazuka , she played the part of Oscar and it’s perfect. Does anyone know her???

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