A little bit ranting.

I started this site in 2009. While this isn’t the most popular place on the internet, throughout the year I have received tons of comments and emails from people who share the same passion: the love for the rose of Versailles (ROV). I made friends all over the world and some still remain my friends to this day. And I’m grateful for that.

However, where there’s light, there’s also shadow (pun intended). I also received creepy email from creepy people who can not keep it in their pants. So I thought I should say this for once: I’m a woman whom you don’t know the age, marital status or sexual preference. The only thing you know is I’m not interested in YOU.


I don’t mean to come off as a condescending person,  but I have a man emailed me saying he’s asexual yet he would be open to “do it” with a woman who also loves the same anime as he does. Another man sent me a picture of his dead grandfather, asking me if I think the dead old man was handsome because he would be just as handsome and I would faint when I see him in person. I also received many other emails from men asking me for advice on how to win a woman over. The newest email I received was from a guy askeing me if he should marry the woman his dead step father had chosen for him or go and find his own Oscar. (Why are only men ever send these emails and why is there usually a dead man in their stories?)

Normally I just delete those emails. But I have reached an age when I no longer care if I offend someone whom I have never met and probably will never meet. I didn’t delete the last one, I put it here but haven’t made it public. If I ever receive any more email of this kind, it will go public. I don’t have to respect people who don’t respect me, though I doubt that public these would affect anyone’s life.

The only reason I haven’t made it public is, I don’t have the previous emails any more, and I don’t want people to think that only this particular email is the problem. It’s actually the lightest so far but it’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Since this place has been dead for a while, I was happy when someone emailed me through the site system, only when I opened the email instead of a lovely ROV fan I found a creep who pretended to be an Airline pilot, looking for his “Oscar”. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?

To the creepy men: v4-728px-Deal-With-Sexual-Harassment-in-School-Step-2-Version-2you’re here, you at least have read the manga/watched the anime. You probably know the fandom and how fangirls just love Andre. Let’s me tell you: women love Andre for a reason, and you’re doing the opposite way Andre would do to “court a girl”. No, I do not believe you’re genuinely trying to be friendly instead of creepy. Be honest, if I were a man would you ever send me those emails? Even if it’s not creepy, it’s no doubt inappropriate!

I’m in many fandoms, and I know ROV fandom is one of the tamest and politest place to be in. Most fans are friendly and considering. To imagine that there are also creeps in the fandom really upset me.

images (1).jpg

Now if you’re a random person happens to read this, and thinks I’m the type of woman who believes every man I ever encounter with wants to be engaged in intercourse with me, three words for you: I don’t care. If you read this entire post and come to that conclusion, the only one who have mental problems is YOU, not me, so get help asap instead of arguing with me about this post.


More dolls!

So it’s Marie Antoinette’s birthday 2nd  November. I have never celebrated her birthday before, only Oscar and Andre (which, unfortunately I also seem to stop doing already). Let’s make a difference then!

You might have known what I feel about the cute big head Pullip doll Marie Antoinette, ever since then I always wanted a doll that actually resemble the Marie Antoinette that Riyoko Ikeda sensei created. And when I was doing research on those Takara dolls, I found their faces very manga styles and their eyes are those of 80s manga characters. Well, the artist who first created them was the wife of a famous 80s mangaka, so that explained a lot. More over, there’s one girl that is very, and I mean very, similar to Marie Antoinette


Even her name is similar: Marine. I read somewhere that Japanese was influenced by/interested in France and its culture at the time so these dolls have very French names (more like Western names in general), and one of them has a family that contains a French father and Japanese mother.

The French things kind of also explains why Rose of Versailles was created in the first place.

Anyways, I decided to buy a Marine doll and change her into Marie Antoinette. I mean the faces already look alike, what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot!

zqgvmFirst things is, there’re the play-line supposedly cheap dolls. They’re toys, for little girls to play with. Though recently they have gotten popular with grown up women who still haven’t grown out of dolls (like me :p ), they’re still created to be played with and not put in a glass cabinet. We’re talking about Japanese and children, so certainly no “cheap” material, dangerous sharp parts or toxic face painting. But again, they’re toys, just like the ROV toy dolls Takara once made.


These are also made by Takara, and sure, they’re “toys”. On onlyshojo.com.

And then there’re the Licca Castle, also belong to Takara but supposedly produce premium dolls. And more expensive, of course. I purchased one of these dolls, without actually own any Takara play doll before, and that leaded to the second thing.

Just like the first time I really have a Pullip doll in my hands and be disappointed, this time I also have a very strong emotion but on the opposite side, the bright side: I was thrilled with the quality of the dolls. The face paint is beautiful, the plastic give a high quality feeling and the hair, even though she’re supposed to have messy hair, is somehow very neat!  Many dolls collector says Pullip dolls look so much better in person, and that is why I was disappointed, because they’re not that impressive. No one says anything like that (or I just haven’t read) about Takara dolls, and when I opened her box, I must say the pictures, including those promotions picture on the official website, don’t do her justice. She’s much more beautiful.In short, I was very happy with her.

But that doesn’t stir me away from my original purpose: to modify her. And this’s where things went wrong. IMG_20160410_123951

See her beautiful little curls? I wanted to change those into ringlets! And I also thought it was easy! If I have ever owned a playline doll before, and know how much smoother and softer her hair is in comparison, I wouldn’t dare. If I have ever modified doll before and know that the hair on her head needed to be rooted in different pattens for different hairstyles, and this patten is certainly not for pulling the hair up above her head, I wouldn’t dare.

But I haven’t had those experiences, so I dared. And around the fifth time, I kind of archived the result I wanted, and I also kind of ruined her hair T~T.  The current hairstyle isn’t very Marie Antoinette yet, she’s missing the bigger rolls on top of her head. I know how to do it, but it require her front hair to be long enough to roll up, and here she has short bang. At least I know how to style her hair now. Lesson learned: practices make perfect, just don’t practices on expensive dolls.


That’s my fault, no doubt. But the Takara dolls, just like I predict in my Pullip dolls review, beside having a beautiful face can’t do anything more than dressing up pretty and standing on a shelve. Even though her arms and legs are flexible, it’s super hard to pose her, her movements are too limited. The best resolution should be to put her in a realistic surrounding: a doll house/doll room with miniature stuffs, bring her outside where there’re flowers and trees…and snap some photos.

That would lead to another problem, though. That her face, lovely as it is, is painted on, she can’t glance her eyes, look directly into the camera, look up to the sun…she can’t be as expressive as a Pullip doll. Now I understand why Pullip dolls are so photogenic and Takara dolls aren’t. It’s all about the eyes.

Maybe I should buy the Takara Oscar doll to pose with my OOAK Antoinette, or buy her another body that is easier to pose. I do need to reroot and fix her hair before that, though. But that’s future plan, in the meantime, enjoy some photos.

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