My video – Don’t leave me

A video for


I used a Vietnamese song for this video, of course there’s an English subtitle as usual.
This’s an old song; I’ve heard it hundreds time before, but perhaps because it’s old so I didn’t remember that it does exist. And when I was hopelessly finding an English song for the video, it hit my ears. Then the image of Oscar is shouting “André, are you leaving me behind?” flashed in my head and I said: “this’s it, this’s the song I’m looking for!”
I tried to translate all the sentences as beautiful as possible, but it’s hard. Even if you consider the lyrics in the literal sense, they have more than one meaning, let alone figurative sense. Anyway, here’re my lyrics:
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My friend’s video – Another day without you

Another video from J.F, I love it, it really fits for André’s feeling, and she has changed the lyrics a little so it’s even more suitable.

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