Alain de Soissons

The sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Usually, people say “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, but one of ROV fans said “ a sheep in wolf’s clothing “ and in my opinions, it perfectly fits Alain de Soissons!

Warning: I’m taking about manga Alain, since he’s my true third favorite character, not anime Alain. Not because he’s bad or mean in anime, he’s actually more mature and kind, but you all know that I prefer a young and wild man 😈 Ok, ok forget it, only remember that I’ve never said such a sentence! 😳

Recently, I’m interested in finding the meanings of names. And one of the meanings of the name “Alain” is “rock”, it’s suitable for him, right? Have you ever tried to hit or kick or do whatever to a rock, of course without any tool? If you haven’t, then try and you’ll see the result: not very easy. And it’s the same if you want to mess with Alain, he’ll bring you a lot of trouble! Take Oscar as an example, Alain was the first one said that he would not accept working under a female brigadier. And I bet that he was the one who enticed French guards to disappear from the training ground.

A young-greedy for fling horse, that’s what people in my country would call him. That idiom denotes a youngster who is young ( well, of course 🙄 ) but too aggressive, unrestrained, a young person who doesn’t like to listen to anyone. And yes, that is Alain.

It’s evident that he doesn’t want to listen to anybody. Since the very first beginning, his commander, Oscar, tried her best to show him and her other soldiers that she was different from the other commanders, that she was there to listen, to be a part of the team. She dueled with Alain when the French guards rebelled instead of punished them like other commanders would. She dressed his wound after she won instead of kill him like other commanders would.

And what did Alain give her in return? He and his comrades kidnapped her, tied her to a chair and threatened her to leave the French guard otherwise they would do something that she may regret. André saved her in time, but I really wonder what if he didn’t? Would Alain dare to do what he had said?

Well, I think the answer is yes. Back then she was nothing more than a despicable noble to him, a kind of person he would be glad to spit upon…

Did I just say the answer is yes? Hmm, I’m not very sure…I mean I’m sure that it is yes, only if he didn’t have a sister, who had experienced a much alike situation which he gave to his commander. Probably in that crazy moment, he would remember about her, since he cared for her so much, and then stop, or probably not since he hate his commander so much…

Anyway, that’s just my thought, André had saved Oscar and somehow saved Alain too. If he did such a thing to a high rank noble woman, you can image what he would get. And even if the world turns upside down and he get no punishment, do you think he would feel very happy? He may not remember his sister’s case when he was insane, when he was encouraged by those arousals, but how about after that? How about when he got his mind back? I want to believe that he’s a human and he will want to kill himself, to punish himself.

But since that didn’t happen, and he got away with it so easy, just as his commander said she didn’t need that kind of power, she didn’t want to punish anyone, then perhaps he became more disobey her than started to understand her. And I think he did enjoy provoking her. Surely that before Oscar came to the French guard, Alain wasn’t very friendly to the former commander. He hate his pathetic life and he hate high rank nobles, since he blamed them for causing miserableness for his life. Then, he caused trouble for them, something like a way to equalize… But I think he enjoyed stirring Oscar’s bile the most.


Well…how old he was do you think?

When Oscar transferred to the French guard, she was about 30. And I remember I’ve read somewhere that the French guards were younger than their commander. Then perhaps Alain was around 20-25. Quite young. He was too young to be brave enough to admit that he actually admired his commander, not feuded her.

He admired Oscar! Yes. Because nevertheless, she was really good and admirable. Well, she did win him in the field that he thought he was the best: fencing. And when he thought she would kill him, she dressed his wound instead. Then she even came to check if he was ok after that. More or less, that truly had gained some of his credence…

But still, he wanted to hate her. The reason is: she was a high rank noble, she was supposed to be haughty, vainglorious…not be kind and likeable like that! Moreover, she was a woman! How could a woman be tough than him? how could a woman be good than him? So he was supposed to hate her! Cute hah? 😆

Probably Oscar believe he hated her too, since she was so surprised when talking to his sister, Dianne. When she knew he told his little sister that her name, Oscar, mean “the goddess and a sword”. I mean, will you call the woman you hate more than anything on the earth a goddess? 😆 He’s not only young and wild, he’s also soooooo cute 😳

Funny, Alain wanted to hate her, but he couldn’t, then he tried to make her hate him. Perhaps after she hate him, he could start to hate her? Is that what he believed? I don’t know, but I know he did everything he could to annoy Oscar. ( Wow, can’t stop saying how cute he was 😆 ) And he almost succeed when he made general Bouille fall from the horse. Oscar said that she didn’t want to punish them, she knew she get nothing but resentment when she do that. She said she respected the right of people, she wanted to give her soldiers the right to control their lives, to be real human. But since they refused to listen to her, refused to understand what she was doing, she would give up right then.

And when she walked away, the French guards called her, stopped her, said that they were sorry, that was their fault, they would accept any punishment and accept that she was their commander. They begged her to stayed.

Alain? He acted like he didn’t want that. He acted like his comrades had betrayed him. But I think he was screaming with happiness inside. :mrgreen:

Yes, I think so! Since his beloved decided to stay, of course he must be happy. Come on, he loved her! Everybody can see that, just like André said: only a little boy likes to tease the girl he love. Alain was not a little boy, but he did love Oscar and loved to tease her! Ok, on this side, I think he’s a little boy (you do understand that “little boy” means “cute”, right? 😆 )

Anyway, besides the pride restrained himself from admitting his feeling for his commander, Alain was a bit more mature than the other French guards. I mean at home, he was the man, he had to protect and provide for his mother and sister. At the French guard, he was the group leader of a squad and his comrades didn’t only listen to him when they were on missions. They follow him in every word: he said he want to kidnap their commander, then they kidnapped Oscar. He said he want to revolt, then they made general Bouille fell from the horse… I believe he must have some special characteristics so that they respected him.

Maybe one of those “special characteristics” is the care he paid for his closest relative. He did whatever he could to take care of his family since seemed like he was the only support. As you know he and his comrades sold their swords, and Alain told their commander that she could punish them as she wish, but they had done the right thing since the money they earned from the swords could help their family survive for a week.
When Oscar thought there was something wrong had happened to her team, she called a doctor to check the soldiers’ health and she found out only Alain’s squad had that problem. Later she found out they had cut their food ration and sent it home…

And I believe, Alain was the source of all of that. Maybe he had asked his comrades to sell the sword, cut the ration…with him or he just did it and they took after him…I don’t know, but I believe he was the first one did that. And that’s not the behavior of “a wolf”. 🙄 That behavior come from the caring heart of a tender “sheep”… Alain was a sheep and despite how much he wanted to be a wolf, he was a sheep then sometimes he couldn’t help but acted like a sheep. He irritated André and fight with him several time, but then when he saw him sitting there, reading a novel about hopeless love, he knew André was suffering and he came to him to talk…maybe be he did want to cheer André up, but he pulled André’s shirt after heard him said he didn’t need the pity from a noble. Noble was the words Alain hated most. However they didn’t fight and somehow, Alain ended up being irritated by André about his childish reaction toward his beloved commander 😆 Just look at him, a sheep was trying to bite like a wolf, how cute 😆

Then that sheep discovered the truth about André’s eyes, and he didn’t say a word until the day the French guard received an order to go to Paris. If he was really a wolf, he would have teased him, mocked at him like he used to called him a boss eyed man, a sightless man…but after that incident, he had never use that kind of word to call André, because he was a caring sheep.

Still, he had to be a wolf. Just like a chicken bristles and fight with the cat to protect her children. Alain must become a wolf to protect himself and his family, since the rank noble was the only thing he had. He had no money, no power and the nobiliary particle “de” in his name couldn’t bring him what he needed. So he hated it and probably hated himself for being a nominal noble, then hated all the other nobles since they were…well, real nobles with big houses and a lot of food. And to fight against them, fight against fate he must be a wolf.

What will happen if the chicken tries to protect her children but the little chicks still die? Alain loved his sister, and I have a feeling that he had given the best thing he could to her. One day, she committed suicide because her fiancé, a true noble man, had left her to marry the daughter of a rich merchant. Alain dropped his wolf mask and be a real sheep. He couldn’t leave his sister’s body, he just sat next to her like guarding for her sleep. Oscar came and brought his mind back, after that, he no longer disguised as a wolf. He stayed as an obedient sheep, listen and follow the shepherd. Now he did understand his commander. And look at his face when he came back to the barracks and reported to Oscar, then she said something like: welcome back, my best squad is anxiously waiting for the leader, I think he did realize his feeling toward her.

Then came the Estates General. An important event in French revolution. The king summoned the 3 Estates to assemble again in order to resolve the chaotic situation. And the delegates could go in one by one through the only door that was unsealed, which was directed by an army officer. In the anime they said it was Colonel Choisielle la Baume, in the  manga Oscar called him Marquis de Bourset, so I don’t know who he was. 🙄 But he had called all the nobles and clergy, let the commoner soaked to bone. He said that was an order, the Tries-État delegates had to use the back door. In the anime, Oscar struck him down but in the manga, Alain ran after him with a sword. Then Oscar ran after Alain, tried to stop him. He was mad, he was out of his mind, he wasn’t in a good condition to think, and the woman he love was trying to stop him, was actually holding his hand, she was right there, just a few inch in distance…so the sheep succumbed to his feeling: he grasped her wrists, pushed her to the wall and kissed her. 😯

If André is a man that can only be exist in a dream, and Girodelle is a man that is too wonderful to be real, then Alain is a man who could be any man in the world. Every of the development of his feeling, every of his action is so natural. I mean a young stubborn bull headed man at first then became more gentle, more mature by the time meanwhile began to admire and adore such a woman then fell in love with her. All of that’s just so real!

And yet, besides that losing mind moment, Alain had never said he loved her or something like that. Since she already had the man she loved and that man was his special friend, moreover she was older than him, he’d like to keep his feeling as an admiration only. That’s just so adorable 😀 …with that admiration, he chose to take the punishment when refuse taking the order from general Boullie and end up in the prison of Abbey. With that admiration, he chose to operation to Paris though he was worry that they would have to attack the commoners: then we will follow this order…since it is under your command he told his commander. And with that admiration he truly trusted her and would do whatever she said…Well, this’s something that not every man on earth can do. 🙄

I don’t know if he had ever dreamed to have Oscar in his arms, but if he had, I know he would never image a picture in which he was holding his commander who was seriously injured. She nearly died in his arms, she had joined her love again on heaven, but how about him? I really want to know what was he thinking when telling her that they had won, the Bastille had been taken and then seeing her life drifting away…Death maybe the end for the one who’s dead, but it’s the beginning for the one who’s still alive. He would have to continue his life with that memory and with that admiration…

This’s one reason I said he was so real. I mean, to tell the truth, how many of you will kill yourself when your lover passes away? That happens all the time in movies, but in real life? How many percent? Even if you want, do you really do it? I’m not saying that nobody does that in reality, but I don’t think there’s a large amount either. Alain had continue his life like he should have, and that is real life…

Oh, and another meaning of “Alain” is “handsome” :mrgreen: Do you think it fits him?

Look at him again and tell me the answer since I think you can guess mine 😳



4 thoughts on “Alain de Soissons

  1. Ooohhh, Mia! It really surprised me to found this tittle in your website. I’ve never imagined that you would used it for a essay of you authory, and it really glad me. Well, there is no many articles or fanfincs or whatever dedicated to Alain, but of all those few that I’ve found and read, I think yours are closer to my own idea of Alain that any other. Since his first picture, I though “He is a sheep n wolf’s clothing” (“pura boca”, or “big mouth” it’s what we call that kind of guy). I must say that Alain is amazingly similar to my boyfriend when we just meet each other, many years ago. He was obviously younger, and he liked to pretend he was rudest than he really was. Just a glance of him was enough to me to notice that under all of his stubborness and rude behavior was a tender heart, and a soul made of honey (and a little lemon to… ehehe. But honey and lemon are great together) Well, I was very surprised when I saw how different is Alain in the manga (because I saw the anime first) And I agree with you when you say “… Alain is a man who could be any man in the world”, because Alain is the only one male character not idealized of VnB.
    His way of love is not “feminine”, like Andre’s, or detached, like Girodel’s, or sacrificed as Fersen’s (who accepts to be “the other”, like usually woman’s do) But he was able to do whatever was necessary for his mother and sister: to fight with someone more powerful or give up their food to feed them; and when he recognized that he haven’t a chance with Oscar, and after she died, he did the only thing a real man would do: to keep living, with a wounded heart.

    I like Alain because, He isn’t ethereal like the others character of the story (André, Fersen, or Girodel). He is the boy with whom you could marry: bully, but tender. Maybe not a wolf, but a sheep a little rude. And cute. Someone who look at you as an equal, not as a godness. Someone who could love you and protect you of a wonderful way. When this kind of kid grow up, could be seriously adorable!

    Cheers from the other side of the world!


  2. It’s interesting to write about the differences between all the men in Oscar’s life. First I just wanted to write about André, then this idea came up and I wrote about Girodelle, and it was what you said “a sheep in wolf’s clothing” that inspirited me to write about Alain…Hmm, if something else can inspirit me, I think I’ll write about Fersen too ( Now I’m thinking about changing the “miscellaneous” page into something like “dream men” :lol:)
    And you’re right, “He is the boy with whom you could marry: bully, but tender.”
    André will help you do anything you want, help you built your dream, will correct the mistake if you make one, will follow you everywhere, in every adventure without any question.
    Girodelle will watch you patiently, will prevent you from making any mistake, will draw the best dream for you, however if you want to go your own way he will let you go alone but always be there when you comeback.
    And Alain, Alain is the man who will lead you in an adventure, will make mistake and need you to correct, with a guy like him, you two will build a dream together.

    Anyway, I dream of André, think about Girodelle, but if I go out there and look for a boyfriend or even a husband, Alain would be my choice. :mrgreen:

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