My fanfic – Silence reigned in the room

Silence reigned in the room

She accidentally reached the dark side of her very best loyal friend, and she nearly got lost there…

rating: T
condition: complete
genre: crime/angst
author: Mia
beta reader: JC

Hope you recognize the scene in the pic above. Many fans’ve written about Oscar’s feeling during and after that “accident”, and some even let André go mad and go the whole way. Not like I can’t tolerate that, but seem like no one has noticed Oscar last line when André walked away and stopped at the door: André? What happened? Are you ok? I mean didn’t she have to feel scared and have to care for herself, instead of worrying for the man had just attacked her? The answer can only be: she had a special felling for him.

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My video – I hate you!

A video for Alain, this song came across me and I came up with this idea, enjoy!

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