Oscar Francois de Jarjayes

This’s my ROV opening song collection. Till now it contains 9 songs in 8 different languages. I’m doing this, because it’s a pleasure to know what they say about Oscar in all over the world. My favorite is the Japanese version, but other versions also describe Oscar as a female warrior: so strong, so tough, and exalted. I translated them all to English, due to my friends, some translator sites on internet, and my own experiences. I’ll add more as soon as I find other versions!

By the way, it took me too long to collect these versions, and even longer to translate. You’re more than welcome to take the original lyrics, but please, if you want my English translations, ask me, don’t steal them!

Page 2: Japanese version
Page 3: Italian version (1)
Page 4: Italian version (2)
Page 5: French version
Page 6: German version
Page 7: Arabic version
Page 8: Korean version
Page 9: Spanish version
Page 10: Portuguese version


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