Victor Clement de Girodelle

The most charming gentleman!

He’s a noble, he’s charming, he’s sweet, he’s gentle, he’s tender, he’s gallant, he’s adorable, he’s lovable…who is he? Yes, he’s Victor Clément de Girodelle!


I am very sure that you girls all notice his perfect look, and you all realize his eyes can kill any woman 😳 But he’s not only charming because his outward aspect, he’s also charming from his soul!

Beside André, Girodelle was the second man duellooked at Oscar as a woman. In the anime, from the very beginning, he met Oscar in a situation he didn’t expect: she challenged him a duel !

laughFirst, he laughed, he had never imaged something like that, of course! And then Oscar asked: “Or are you afraid of losing to a woman?” oscarYeah, that was the last drop made the water glass overflow. Even though it touched his pride, he still thought that she was like other women he had met: stubborn in an obedient way. It’s natural that he knew women very well, a nobleman always has to learn about women ever since he was a child, he learned how to treat them, how to talk to them, and by the time, he also learned how to seduce them!

In the manga and even in the anime, there aren’t any detail about the women following Girodelle ( coz he’s just a secondary character  ), but I believe there were a lot! And with such a great number of women trying to attract him, Girodelle must know almost everything about them, about the relationship between women and men, and of course he had to know how charming he is.

So, he tried to manifest his charming by saying: charm“But how can I possibly point the sword to your beautiful face!” Until then, he still thought she was just like other women, maybe a little more beautiful, but that’s all! Right after that, he had to change his mind, he realized he was fighting with a warrior, not with a woman. And even worse, he lost! You and I can guess that he didn’t only lose the duel, he lost a part of his heart too! :mrgreen:


That was the first time Girodelle met Oscar in the anime, in the live action, he met her in the day the queen Marie Antoinette gave birth to her first princess

Talking about the live action…oh, God, I should have killed the director or whoever changed the icon about Girodelle! How could such a gentleman like that become such a pervert like this?
This’s not Girodelle! guessThe way he looked at Oscar, like he was imaging how she would look without her clothes like he was trying to guess her bust size…Yeah, I know that sometimes, men have that kind of idea, but not a gentleman, even if he has, he won’t let anybody see it! 😡

I know that he’s the competitor of the main male character André, but does he has to be that way?

Girodelle is the competitor of André in the manga and the anime too, but how is he? Is he disgusting like that? A thousand times NO!!!!


When he came to ask Oscar to marry him, she tried to divert the conversation, and then tried to leave. But he held her wrist: “Mademoiselle Oscar!” That word surprised her, “mademoiselle”… except her nanny, nobody called her like that, so, Oscar became a little dizzy, she had to deal with him in the role of a woman, not a commander, and she didn’t know how…No other men ever looked at her with eyes like that, talked to her with a voice like that, no one, even Girodelle himself…

Girodelle in the manga is quiet presumptuous but very charming! ( Hmm, how many time have I used the word “charming”? Well, it’s just because he really is :mrgreen: ) There was a scene he tried to lower André,lowerthat’s why I said he’s presumptuous, he ended up with some chocolate on his face, that’s fair. But if he was like other noblemen, he wouldn’t let that commoner walk away! He should punish him, or tell his master, this would give Girodelle a big advantage, he could kick André out of Oscar’s life and easily take his place.

Why didn’t he do anything?

Because he knew he had too much advantage and he wanted a fair competition…

Because he knew what he had said was wrong, he knew that man was bleeding inside, and though that was his rival, he didn’t want to hurt him anymore!

Ohhhhhhh, what a man… 😳

Well, that’s the scenes in the manga.

How about in the like action? kissThe way he talked, the way he act like he was trying his best to not embrace Oscar in his arms in front of general Yarjayes! And then when she left and he followed her, he was really excited, like “finally, I can be with her alone”, but they weren’t alone. Like people usually say in my country, there was haughtya varan obstructed him! He wasn’t satisfied, and he wanted to assert his standard by lower André. But this scene wasn’t as excellent as the manga, I was very happy when André plashed him with red wine. He deserved that! The way he raised his voice to André, and pointed the knife to him, yes, that was the behaviors of a noble, a haughty arrogant noble! 😡

Do you know what’s the worst? They even made him become the guy flirted Rosalie instead of count Mirabeau, what the…they ran out of actor or what? 👿


Compared with that, Girodelle in the anime is too quiet. He came to ask Oscar to marry him, but he didn’t say anything except “ Now I saw your smile and I’m happy”, then left! Not as manly as the manga… 🙄


In the manga, he talked about the marriage with General Jarjayes first, probably because Oscar was too busy, he couldn’t find her. But the anime gave me the feeling that he was scared to talk to her, maybe he was afraid she would refuse ( or point her sword to him again? :mrgreen: )…although his worries had their reason, I was a little disappointed…

kissThe anime cut the scene he kisses Oscar at the party. Another disappointment! 😥  That was a great scene, it showed how well Girodelle understood women and how talented he took away their hearts…even Oscar fell for him for a moment! The time his lips touched hers, I felt like my heart was ripped out, fell and rolled over on the ground…hmm, a little bit horror  , but I believe every woman will have that feeling after listen to what Girodelle said. He had a very sweet mouth and a sharp tongue, more importantly, he knew how to use them!

loveMeanwhile that scene in the live action…Grrrrr, I just wanted to punch that Girodelle in the face! His words, his looks, his touches…like he was ready to drag her to the bed and make love with her. They surely succeed in creating a dirty old goat!

But there’s one scene in the live action, that I wish to be appeared in the anime and the manga: Girodelle saw Oscar in dress at the ball.


He tried to hide it, but I could see how surprised he was. He realised this beautiful woman was actually the woman in uniform he had met at the court. This can explain why when he offered his proposalknew, he talked about a white dress. He was hoping to see that enchanted woman again, especially in her own “finding-husband-party”. In the anime, she appeared in the uniform and said she thought she went to the wrong party coz there was no lady there. Girodelle smiled :” I knew she would!” Yes, perhaps he did, but he also wanted to see her in that wonderful costume, it was like two ideas, two images was fighting in his head, and only one won. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the image he was expecting…

escortGirodelle in the anime is a little timid, but very sincere. Do you remember when he escorted Oscar, and told her: “I realized after you left the Royal Guards that I was searching for your cool voice and smile, and following your serene eyes, then I couldn’t retrain myself and I told your father that I wanted you…”

That was just…Ohhhhhhhhhhhh 😳

becarefulBefore that, he came to the barracks and asked if he could visit her that night, she said she had to work, and he stood there, watched her riding away, whispered: “There’re many terrorists lucking in Paris now, please be careful, my Oscar Francois…”

Ohhhhhhhhhh, what a man… (again :oops:)

I believe he knew very well that Oscar didn’t love him, of course, just look at the way she treated him, but he even knew the man she actually loved, he knew that before she knew it!

Weird, right? Oscar had never realized her feeling in time 🙄

And that could be the light of hope Girodelle was chasing, he was hoping he could have her before she found out her emotions…but he was late, not too late, just like the second guy in a racing contest: late for a second and he is the second…

How did Girodelle face that?

“If he isn’t happy, you won’t be able to be happy…that is enough to understand. Because I also…have that feeling toward you…”


“Therefore, please accept this as a proof of my love: the withdrawing of my proposal…” *


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh………My heart is exploding…. 😳

In the Vietnamese version, they translated the ( * ) like this: Cho nên tôi đành chọn riêng cho mình 1 cách để em yêu.

Means: Therefore, I choose for myself another way to stay in your heart.

It doesn’t contain the important detail “proof of love”, and I have to translated that sentence from the Italian version, too be more accurately.( Even so, my translation isn’t really good, I think :roll:)

Anyway, they both show that even Girodelle withdraw the proposal, he’ll always love her, and he loves her so much that her feelings are much more important than his. He knows looking after her from a distance is better than force her to marry him, at least that way, he could be a good memory for her to remember… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And still, that’s not the best part of him! I don’t know how could I forget such an important scene of this gentleman. Thank ‘Oscar without André’ for reminding me. The scene when Oscar came and stopped him from removing all the member of national assemble faction. She said if the Royal guard wanted to fight with the commoners, then they would have to deal with her first. The major of the Royal guard back there was Girodelle. And of course, he withdrew…that’s not the best part I wanted to talk about. The best part is the thought in his mind:

“Ah, you don’t seem to know, do you. I’d rather face the guillotine as a traitor than see you buried in blood .My Sylphide …”

And in the anime, the effect of music and of the raining scene is really… well… effective 😥

This’s another proof of his love, another sign tell Oscar how much he loves her. You can wonder if he loves her that much, why didn’t he quit the Royal guard and join her? Well, he’s not André. He loves her, but he’s a nobleman and he has the noble ideal, the noble pride. He doesn’t think something like “everybody is equal”,  he’s a nobleman and those who’re not noble are lower than him. There’s nothing to blame him about that, he was raised as a nobleman, was taught to think as a nobleman. Compare with other noblemen, he’s a little bit different, but just “a little bit” was not enough to make him change his side.

Though I believe he could change his side to be with the woman he loves, to protect her, to stay with her forever, only if he was the man that she wanted. There’s another man who always stays by her side, there’s another man who always protects her. There’s another man’s keeping her heart. So, the best thing Girodelle could do, is stay away and let her go her own way, let her go with another-man-not-him…


What else can I say about this gentleman? 😳

Oh, wait a minute, I’ve just thought of one thing: Oscar, if you don’t want him, leave him to me! 😆

Beta reader:  Michelle


14 thoughts on “Victor Clement de Girodelle

  1. Then if you have a chance to read RoV side story about Girodelle, you will see that in the ball that Oscar danced with Fersen, Girodelle was there with Sophie and he saw everything ;___; And Sophie was the one who pointed Oscar so he realized her immediately. Oh gosh I have to say that Girodelle might love Oscar even before Andre, but he didnt have much chance to approach her but his position as her college.

      • Oh I think that he adores her as a goddess so he is so shy to approach her. She is somewhere to far to be touchable for him ;______; Therefore he feels ok to be no more but her college ;v; When she left Royal Guard, he was losing her of his sight so he decided to go forward to propose her.

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