My video – You’re getting married

I’m not in a good mood now, so sorry for this crazy video.
I used a Vietnamese song for this video, of course there’s an English subtitle as usual.It only took me about 2 hours to translate lyrics, cut and edit pics…so it’s not as good as other video.

It maybe sad in English but some Vietnamese may find this funny or annoying.
I didn’t use the whole song, if you want, google it:: được tin em lấy chồng. And if you don’t think you’ll like the video, don’t watch it, like I’ve said, I’m crazy now ^^



My friend’s video – How long

A new video from Oscar without André, I really love the song, it fits for André

“…I just hope you realize what my heart is going through

How long, must this feeling go on…”

Oh, this must be exactly what André thought…