Rock Opera – review

Thank you, Anuta for the video and Teresa for the songs and lyrics. Your kindnesses mean a lot to me.

Long ago I wrote this review about the Italian Rock Opera show. But it was just like an introduction of the show, because all I watched back then were just some bad quality videos (and very short) on Youtube. However, back then I was an extremely crazy fan girl of ROV, I would just scream when I hear of any ROV news. And I was so excited when I saw those videos of this Opera show, the actors and actresses looked great and the acting seemed wonderful. If I had been able to watch the full version and make a full review, there would have been a lot of “YAY”, “OMG”, “AHHHHHHHHHHH”…in the review, just like any of my articles about the ROV men. ^^’

Now after 4 years, when I finally have a hold of the full version- thank to another ROV fan sharing her DVD with me- I’m not that crazy fan girl anymore.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with ROV. Let me remind you that ROV is the only anime I managed to watch from the beginning to the end. I prefer manga over comic, and cartoon over anime. No real reason, it’s just my preference, like I prefer tea over coffee. And now, this “François – Versailles Rock Drama” is the only Rock show I managed to watch from the beginning to the end. I hate rock. I prefer music that is soft and tender- like a deep whisper to your ears- rather than a kind of music where someone creams at the top of their lung and make my eardrums jump.

Yet, I did finish watching the entire video, without any pausing or fast forwarding. I just want to say I’m still a ROV fan, just not that crazy anymore. And I’m now able to turn off the “fangirl mode” to write an (almost) objective review.

First, if I could summarize this Opera in one sentence, that would be “This’s the show about Oscar Francoi de Jarjayes’ life.” The entire musical was about how Oscar was forced to live a man life, how she endured it and how she struggled to get back to her woman side. I can not say it’s good or bad.  In the manga she accepted that she was not an ordinary woman, and she didn’t try to prove that she was a woman nor a man, she just wanted to be Oscar. This show just carries a different meaning from the manga.


Second, let’s talk about appearances. I know we all want to see our favorite characters in real life, and want them to look exactly like how they are in the manga/anime. In my opinion, all actors and actresses in this show are suitable for their roles. If not their appearances then it is their acting that makes the characters live. To keep it short, I’ll just talk about the characters that are important to ROV fans: Oscar, her father, Andre, Fersen and Marie Antoinette.

Well, Oscar looks almost the same. We can’t expect her to have that sparkling 80s manga style, right? She’s a human, not a drawing 😛


What more could I say? Her manly laughter, the fiery passion in her eyes, and the overly friendly way she treated Andre…


Yes, it’s how I imagine Oscar would be if she was a real person. In reality, the actress actually looks very womanly and no where like Oscar, so A+ for her acting and another A+ for the makeup artist.


Next is Andre, I couldn’t take a good screenshot of him so here’s one photo from the internet


He doesn’t look like Andre but he’s handsome so he’s suitable ^^’ ! Ok, just kidding. It isn’t his appearance, but his acting that make Andre comes out of the manga book to walk on the stage.


3132The broken heart glistening in his eyes as he watched Oscar danced with Fersen, the angry way he shouted to Oscar face that a rose can’t become a lilac, and the painful way he sang his confession after he torn her shirt…

Yes, it’s definitely our Andre. Also the song was simply just beautiful!

E anche se poi fingi d’esser uomo
Per sempre tu sarai la donna che amo

It doesn’t matter that you want to be a man
forever you’ll be the woman I love.

And did I say I love this song? Okay I’ll turn my fangirl mode off now, and I’ll have a rough translation of this song at the end of this review.

Oscar’s father doesn’t look like in manga or anime, but I think it’s because his role has changed.


In the original plot, he wanted Oscar to be a soldier more like a hobby. And he did ask her to back off, tried to marry her so that she could get back her woman life. Here in this show he really wanted her to be a man, no husband, no marriage, just swords and guns. He reacted rather unpleasant when Oscar wore a dress and danced with Fersen, yet I couldn’t understand what they said.


With this new personality, I think his appearance is suitable. However, there was something wrong with the actor, like he was too old to be an Opera actor or he was sick that day, because he always seemed to be out of breath and couldn’t sing the higher notes.

Next is Fersen, even though the actor’s appearance didn’t really resemble Fersen, he was able to pull out a charming gentleman with tender warm voice (I love his voice more than Andre’s voice  ^^’ ) , graceful gestures and, of course, being very sweet toward ladies. 22

And yes, he is good looking enough to be Fersen.


Marie Antoinette is also beautiful, and has a lovely voice that perfectly fits a Royal Highness.


Well, if we clean off all those massive makeup, she’s really beautiful.


I don’t know why they had to put too much color on her face, and had to do it in a comical way like that. Maybe it’s a theatre’s rule or something?

Anyway, there aren’t many things to talk about Fersen and Antoinette,38 because despite them being well described, they are side characters in this show and everything is just about Oscar and Andre. This, in fact is a good new to ROV fan, most of us love Oscar and Andre more. But I do wish there were much more space for Fersen and Antoinette, so that I could feel that strong chemical between them. I didn’t really “feel” they loved each other, I just “saw” they loved each other because they were holding hands and saying so.

I didn’t say Fersen and Antoinette’s performance wasn’t as good as that of Oscar and Andre’s. The first time they met, after a long dance Fersen released Antoinette then she came to look up at the stars. Without a sound he moved behind her and when she turned around they were so close that she had to took a step back. That short moment, I did feel the love at first sight drifting over them in her quivering voice and his nervous smile. Too bad, that feeling they gave the audiences didn’t last long, simply because their relationship was described more like a crime than a forbidden love.

50And I also didn’t see anything that showed Oscar loved Fersen, 25rather than herself saying it. Actually she didn’t say it, but it was the expression, the suffering when Fersen asked her to dress like a woman and dance with him, that told the audiences how she thought about Fersen. The actress was really good, I saw her eyes sparkling with tears, it was just the story was moving too fast here.

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