Before you sign my guestbook, please let me introduce myself

My real name? 🙂

My real name means a golden star in the sky, isn’t it great? I love my name, but I know it’s hard for foreigners to spell, so, just call me Mia or Sao Kim.

Who am I? 😳

The best answer is, I’m a crazy fan girl of “The rose of Versailles”. *~*

How did I fall in love with “The rose of Versailles”? :mrgreen:

I’d read the manga ROV when I was 15, that time, I just thought it’s too sad. 17, I read it again, and I thought it was wonderfull, I was looking for everything about it: artbook, doujinshi… but there were nothing in Vietnam . 20, the first time I watched ROV anime (this’s the only anime I’ve ever watched for full, I like manga but I prefer cartoon than anime) it soon became an obsession. I was sick for a week, cause I’d watched all 40 eps in one day , and I cried like I’d never cired before, my parent thought I’d been dumped by a guy. o_O

What happened next? ❓

Well, I’d decided, instead of sitting and crying whole day, I could do something. I still don’t have a chance to buy ROV’s stuffs, so why don’t I create them myself? I’m not a professional, my fanarts have plenty wrong postures, my fanfics are full of spelling mistakes.., but what’s the problem? If I don’t practise, how can I improve my skills? So, I started to write the first fanfic, then I realized, people didn’t care about my mistakes, if I needed help to correct them, they were willing to do. But all they cared about was the story, in fact, they liked my fic. That encouraged me alot! ^.^

Why was this site born? 💡

Posting my fanworks on ROV’s forums didn’t enough for me. I wanted my own place, to decorate and post whatever and whenever I want, so, I created this site! ^_^
This is how I show my adoration and my admiration, for the wonderful story “The rose of Versailles”, and its talented author Riyoko Ikeda sensei!

Why it is “The thorns of the roses”? 😕

Well, I had spent so much time to chose that title, I couldn’t use “rose of Versailles”, “lady Oscar”…cause look like somebody had used them. Then I thought of roses and thorns… =.= And if you ask, then yes, I have realized it’s too long =’=, but everybody know about my site with this tittle. Moreover, I’m using wordpress. com. The only thing I can do is making a new site and that mean I will lose all my traffic…so, I’ve to stick with it.

What is it about? The title, of course… 😆

In my opinion, Oscar’s a rose, definitely. In my country, people call the rose’s the queen of flowers, rose’s the most beautiful and elevated flower. Its scent, its soft petals…just seduce everybody. I think you remember everybody had admired Oscar, including women . For a rose, it’s because its beauty, but for Oscar, it’s because her personality. Ikeda sensei only said Oscar’s beautiful in the scene she was born, and she didn’t repeat it in any scene (in the manga), but every body, even the director, who made the anime, say “she’s beautiful”. Why? In my country, there’re a proverb: good wood better than good paint. Well, I can say her personality made her look beautiful.

That’s about the rose , how about the thorn? 😀

We all know the thorns will hurt anyone try to pick the rose, but did you ever think the rose is hurted by the thorns itself? Well, Oscar’s whole life full of thorns: a woman in army, all the love suffering, and when she realize her entire love, she died . All those thorns pricked in the rosy-petals, and André wanted to save the rose from her own thorns by pick her up…I had said, people usually get hurt when they try to pick up a rose, like André hurting himself when keeping his love for 20 years. But if people afraid of the thorns and stop trying, they’ll never get the rose. André was afraid, he raised his hand to pick up the rose, but the thorns hurt him and he took his hand back…so many time…but he didn’t stop,he kept trying. Even he was bleeding, he didn’t stop, he ignored his wounds, but still took his hand back when getting hurt…lucky that he realized, if he kept trying in a stupid way like that, he would die before he could hold her in his hand…at last he endured the pain to pick the rose up…finally, he got the rose!

In fact Oscar isn’t the Rose of Versailles…? 😯

Yes, I heard something like that before, and I admit, perhaps in the manga she isn’t…But who care? At least I don’t care! I love her, and I love to write about her, to draw her… So don’t ask me who’s the Rose, to me, it definitely is Oscar!

But the title is “roses” 😕

Yup, I know! I mean if you ask me “who’s the rose?” my first and only answer is: Oscar! But there’re not only one rose in this series! Example, André. Don’t you think he’s a rose too? With all the sufferings he has, surely his life is full of thorns. And with all the things he has sacrificed for Oscar, he HAS to be a rose! How about Girodelle? Ok, to André fans, he maybe deserves going to hell. But I’m a fan of André too, and to me, he’s another rose. He has a lot of manly characteristic that you hardly find from any man. Well, we still have Antoinette and Fersen. I don’t like them, but their tragic life, their tragic loyal love…I think I can consider them as roses. Don’t forget Rosalie, the fragile but fearless rose…So there’re enough roses! ^^

So this site is about “the roses” ? 🙄

Nope! It is about “the thorns of the roses”. I’m not talking about Oscar, André or any other rose in this story. I’m talking about their thorn, about their emotions, their feeling… about how they build up the thorns around them to prevent other people from touching their hearts but also they’re hurting themselves with all the hidden feelings… I think I’m confusing you, then why don’t you start exploring my site and find out what is it about?

Why is there nothing new? 😦

Some people asked me why my fanworks come out much later than before. The answer is: my ROV-fan friends grow up and grow old, my  muses are gone, my mood is off, and the young crazy fan girl is not here anymore. I grew up (and perhaps is growing old).

I am still a fan, just not as crazy as before and life has been giving me more stuffs to take care of.

In short, this site isn’t dead  and always welcome other ROV fans, but please don’t expect to see more update soon.

That’s all ? 😛

Just for now! If you have any question, all you have to do is ask!^o^



57 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Well!!My real name is not Don Diego of course but Patrick!!I am 28 and I live in France.I discovered RoV thanks to the Anime long ago and rediscovered it last year(thanks to the French dubbing:Oscar’s French voice also”appeared”,if I could say so,in BONANZA episodes on dvd…Recognized the”voice”but…And last year:THANK YOU WONDERFUL LUCK ON YOUTUBE!!Yes I am a man,a western AND a RoV fan…I hope my presentation is not too long!(I’m already on a French RoV Forum as”COWBOY PAT” but shall try to come as regularly as possible!!

    • Glad to meet other fans. I used to be on the forum, but it’s getting really bad there. Some guy is going around provoking everyone. Another guy sent me photos of his (as he said so) great grandfather and asked me if I think the old-dead-man is handsome. O_o
      I had to delete my account. And I think those are reasons people aren’t there anymore.

      • I’m glad you enjoy it. ^^ There’re also many groups on Facebook, though sadly those in English also seem to be inactive.

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