Live action review

Because I gotta remove the movie from this site, I want to try another way to let you know and understand it. So, this’s not exactly a review for the live action in 1978, this’s  just some screencaps and some of my opinions.

Live action review

by Mia

Since the manga The rose of Versailles became so famous and popular, especially in Japan, Ikeda Riyoko sensei agreed selling the rights to make an anime. The anime didn’t be very welcome in Japan, but when it arrived to EU, it soon became a phenomenon. And like with other phenomenon manga/anime fans, ROV fans want a live action. They want to see their beloved characters in the flesh!

1978 Ikeda sensei decided to accept the proposal of the Japanese manufacturer Mataichiro Yamamoto for the realization of the live action and that it would be filmed in France by Western actors. Lady Oscar – the name of the movie- was written (screenplay) and directed Jacques Demy, with music composed by Michel Legrand, you can call it a French-Japanese co-production.

The big problem was finding an actress could play Oscar, who must be strong, manly and also womanly. Their final choice is oscarCatriona MacColl. Even though I don’t like the live action and many people say that Catriona was unsuitable for Oscar; but in my opinion, her look, only her look, was quiet fit the character ( just a little wrong make up, but that’s fine to me).

I don’t know if they had any problem in choosing the actor play André, andré Barry Stokes is quiet fine to me, even he seems a little old. Hey, don’t be fool by the gorgeous arts of the manga and anime, when they joined the French guards, André was about 30 years old already. Hmm, but I admit, I probably have a weird taste 🙄

Other characters:

Marie Antoinette – Christina Böhm
Fersen – Jonas Bergström
General de Jarjayes – Mark Kingston
Louis XVI – Terence Budd
Gerodelle – Martin Potter
Countess de Polignac – Sue Lloyd
Rosalie – Shelagh McLeod
Jeanne – Anouska Hempel
Cardinal de Rohan – Gregory Floy
Bernard Chatelet – Michael Osborne
Nanny – Constance Chapman
Robespierre – Christopher Ellison

Just look at these pics and you will know whether they’re suitable or not (please understand that I’m talking about their appearances, and all the comments below are just my personal opinions, they’re may different from yours)


Not blond, but queen Antoinette looks so beautiful and graceful ->suitable 😀


This guy is absolutely unsuitable for our Girodelle 😡


Not very familiar, but this Fersen is really handsome, don’t you think so? 😉


King Louis look very familiar to the manga though I gotta say he’s not fat enough 😆


Meanwhile this guy is too fat compare with general de Jarjayes 😆


Not lovely, not blond and not innocent like Rosalise -> unsuitable 😡


Not too bad looking but isn’t as wild as Bernard -> unsuitable


Again, not as fat as cardinal Rohan 😆


His look is too devilish for Robespierre


Whereas her look is not devilish enough for Jeanne 😆


Although countess Polignac has a honey tongue and a heart of gall, she also has an angelical face -> unsuitable


Not familiar with nanny but suitable to me, coz how could they find an old woman with a baby face like that 😆

And about the story, it’s not really familiar with the manga and the anime. They changed so many scenes, I think they had cut all the best scenes of this series :x. There‘re not much things to say about this movie, because as I’ve said above, I don’t like it! So, please go to the next page to enjoy some screen snaps, but if you haven’t watched the movie yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, you should stop here.


39 thoughts on “Live action review

  1. I’ve been moping around and depressed because of death of Andre well in Manga and Anime Andre dies on July 13, 1789 then Oscar in July 14, 1789

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