Episodes synopsis

The Rose of Versailles anime was released in Japan as a 40 episode (and 1 recapitulation) animated television series, which ran from October 1979 to September 1980. Besides Japan, the series has also been broadcast in several other countries of Europe and Latin America under the title of Lady Oscar.

Episodes Synopsis

– by Sao Kim

Ep 1: Oscar! The destiny of the rose


The episode started with the scene general de Jarjayes was waiting for a son to be born. But he had another daughter, and he decided to raise her as a boy. That’s how Oscar Francois de Jarjayes came to this world and that’s how her fate’d been determined.
She grew up with her nanny’s gandson, André Grandier. When she reached the age 14, her father told her to put on the uniform and become the personal guard for the new crown princess Marie Antoinette. It was hard for Oscar to decide, after a fight with her father and then with André, after heard André told her to make a decision herself, Oscar became the commander of the Royal guard.

Ep 2: Fly! An Astralian butterfly


This episode is about Marie Antoinette, as leaving her home land to marry the dauphin of France. Duke Orleán, the cousin of Louis XVI, had a plan to kill her, but Oscar’d saved her as well.
At the verry end of this episode, Hans Axel von Fersen, a handsome count from sweden, stood on the hill, watched the procession. He didn’t know he would soon to be dragged into a tragedy with the young woman was sitting in the carriage…

Ep 3: A spark in Versailles


At the wedding, Antoinette made a mistake and a stain appear on the marriage certificate, a bad sign for her wedding and new life in France.
However, every body was enchanted by her beauty, of course there were some exceptions, such as the countess du Barry. Madame du Barry was the mistress of Louis XV, and thus not without considerable political influence over the king.
On the other hand, Antoinette was controlled by the daughters of King Louis XV and also communicated to the plug for hate Madame du Barry. She refused to talk to the countess. There was a race power betwen them, and Oscar’d been wrapped into it. Madame de Jarjayes’d been asked to became a-lady-in-waiting for Madame du Barry or lady Antoinette. Even Oscar didn’t want to be concern with the conflict of the ladies, she had to chose on side for her mother.


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