Rock Opera – review

Thank you, Anuta for the video and Teresa for the songs and lyrics. Your kindnesses mean a lot to me.

Long ago I wrote this review about the Italian Rock Opera show. But it was just like an introduction of the show, because all I watched back then were just some bad quality videos (and very short) on Youtube. However, back then I was an extremely crazy fan girl of ROV, I would just scream when I hear of any ROV news. And I was so excited when I saw those videos of this Opera show, the actors and actresses looked great and the acting seemed wonderful. If I had been able to watch the full version and make a full review, there would have been a lot of “YAY”, “OMG”, “AHHHHHHHHHHH”…in the review, just like any of my articles about the ROV men. ^^’

Now after 4 years, when I finally have a hold of the full version- thank to another ROV fan sharing her DVD with me- I’m not that crazy fan girl anymore.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with ROV. Let me remind you that ROV is the only anime I managed to watch from the beginning to the end. I prefer manga over comic, and cartoon over anime. No real reason, it’s just my preference, like I prefer tea over coffee. And now, this “François – Versailles Rock Drama” is the only Rock show I managed to watch from the beginning to the end. I hate rock. I prefer music that is soft and tender- like a deep whisper to your ears- rather than a kind of music where someone creams at the top of their lung and make my eardrums jump.

Yet, I did finish watching the entire video, without any pausing or fast forwarding. I just want to say I’m still a ROV fan, just not that crazy anymore. And I’m now able to turn off the “fangirl mode” to write an (almost) objective review.

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English side story – Andre’s childhood

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My English Doujinshi – Merry Xmas and Happy birthday


A doujinshi for Dec-25th, again, a little late, but happy birthday Oscar!!

Author: Mia
Rating: T
Genre: romance
Condition: completed

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