Shoujo manga

“Shoujo manga” is not the genre of this manga, this’s a Josei (女性), manga for mature female adult. In short, Shoujo manga is the title of this manga!

Picture taken from here

“Shoujo manga” was written by Matsuda Naoko, and was published on Chorus of Shueisha in 2007. It contains 6 stories, which were inspired by some classic manga: Glass marsk, The rose of Versailles….
The first story is about about a manga-loving temp worker who imagines herself as Oscar and sometimes as other characters in ROV. And she also imagine the voice of Oscar-sama urging her to stand up for “the people” :mrgreen:

Haken no Oscar ~”Shōjo Manga” ni Ai o Komete has been turned into a six episode TV series which will air starting from 28 August, 2009.


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