Give and take

My first goal when creating this site is to share my fanworks, and of course I’m always glad to discover fanworks of others. So if you ever think of enhancing the value of the content here with your works, you’re more than welcome.
On the other hand, if you like something here and would like to bring it somewhere else, it’d be my honor.

  1. If you want to public your fanworks here, just contact me.
  2. All your fanworks are welcome, except for the one which is similar to other works on other sites. You’re proud of your works and don’t want anybody steal them, so do other people. Then, please don’t do that, and don’t make me become your accomplice.
  3. For the author whose fanworks are stolen and posted on this site: a thousand times sorry!  If you found your works here without your knowing, please tell me as soon as possible.
  4. I’ll remove all the stolen-fanworks, I promise! Yet, I would like you to give me something can show that they’re your fanworks.
  5. Sometimes the contents of your post disappear (mostly videos), if you can fix it, I’ll edit the post. If you you want me to delete the post, I’ll delete it. If you don’t want to do anything I’ll just keep it like that.
  6. And again, stealing is a crime, please don’t take any thing on this site to another place – be it your website, forum or even Facebook page…- without permission. “Anything” means:
    • Photos taken by me or my friends.
    • Fanarts drawn by me or my friends.
    • Articles and fanfictions written by me or my friends.
    • Edited pictures (such as banners, translated manga…) made by me or my friends.
  7. To save my time and yours, just link back to this site if you take any fanworks from here. And you’re welcome to translated the English manga here to other languages (except Vietnamese because I’m working on it myself) , but please keep the credits.
  8. Original stuffs like raw scans and other things that come with download links, you’re freely to bring them away without any permission or credits.