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First and for most, the Vietnamese manga I own since I was a teenage girl. The very version that introduce ROV to me, so even though it’s not perfect, I still love it.


Then the much more expensive and beautiful colored Japanese version, the first thing ever that I believe you should have in your ROV collection.

Next is the new books for new stories of the series. As you might have known already, the drawing style change, the stories, though do add little details to the original stories, are just there for the author to make more money. They certainly aren’t as expensive as the colored manga version, but recommend or not is 50/50. What I don’t like about these is that they’re commercializing a wonderful story.


And the berukid version. They’re cute, they’re beautiful, they aren’t really expensive. Yet a very large amount of the jokes in the books is based on Japanese culture. And even if you can read Japanese, do research to understand the hidden meanings, you might not enjoy it as a Japanese does. Something must be already in your blood for you to find a certain thing funny. Recommend? Again, 50/50

This’s a kind of manga/comic with pictures cutting of from the anime/cartoon. Since they aren’t expensive they should be in your collection if you are a fan. I always choose books over DVD/CDs because books can last really longer, and you can read them any time. DVDs depends on DVD players and you never know when they will simply just stop working. One day you might find yourself having a disc with ROV title/image printed on it and that’s all. So I bought these and not the DVD set.

Bellow is the first and only ROV artbook I own. I said”Only” because most artbooks just print the old artworks over and over again, like I said, they know how to make money from ROV. So you (well, I)  don’t really need more than one artbook. About this certain artbook, however, is that it’s big and full of pictures. There’re next to no text so don’t worry if you can’t understand Japanese. Recommend? Yes!

And again, I chose books over DVDs ( In this case I will never ever buy the DVD). These are the photo books of the ROV Live Action. They’re full of photos from the movie (especcially the one on the left) , and a few text dialog in English, some more text in Japanese but most of the books are photos. Again, they aren’t expensive so 50/50.

Now these’re Takarazuka photo/information books. I don’t know the official name for theses kind of books/magazines  but they contain photos and information about certain show and/or artist. Be careful with them, though, you can end up with a book full of Japanese text like the white one on the right. I thought it was about the 2001 show, featuring Oscar and Andre. When I got it I realized it seems to be about all the artist had ever played Oscar and Andre, and besides the portraits of the actresses in their characters’ outfit, the rest are Japanese text. Also, the portraits can be haunting, just look at Antoinette! She’s indeed beautiful from afar, but up close? Well…I understand stage and heavy make up, but that’s why they should stay on stage. Recommend? Maybe not, especially for a not-Takarazuka-fan.

And now, doujinshi! I really love this series of doujinshi. The artwork is close to the original, and the stories are interesting. One subjective reason is somehow many of the short stories in these book are very similar to my ideas, some even seem to be a picture book version of my fanfictions! Great minds think a like, hah 😎 Recommend? Yes, but be careful, doujinshi can become very expensive. And I must say that the author still haven’t mastered their skills when they made these. Doujinshi are from new rising artists after all, and I’m sure this artist at the moment would be able to create much more beautiful pictures. But these dousjinshi are full of anatomical mistakes if you ask me.

Next book is a combination of 3 big/long stories (and a few one-two page short ones). They’re published as 3 separated books, and then 1 big one. I don’t know if there is any different, like the stories in the combination book might miss a few pages in comparison with their individual books. But I chose to buy one book instead of three.

Again, there’re mistakes in the pictures. But to be honest, manga isn’t realism art, and many famous mangakas who can draw beautiful faces but not correct bodies. I understand stylization in drawing but I can also recognize obvious mistakes. So if those “famous mangakas” can be, well, famous, then why can’t these mistakes of a still in training mangaka can not be acceptable? Recommend? 50/50, not because of the drawing style but because of the stories. Most are about Oscar and Andre saying “I love you”, “I don’t want to be apart” and “commander you’re a woman dressing like a man, and you’re beautifull”…blah blah blah…For a new fan these are gold, but for me, I unfortunately already grew bored of them.

Another combination big book of 3 short books. I’m not very certain but this seem to be from the same artist. But the stories in this go in another direction: These’re comedies, some even seem nasty. Recommend? Again, 50/50. It all depends on your personal taste. I certainly would be angry or hate these when I was the new crazy fan. But now? I still don’t like it but at least am able to keep the book on the shelf instead of tearing it apart.

Now this is from an artist who chose to develop their own style instead of copying, and I really appreciate it. I also think they have already succeeded in their career, because I believe I have seen this drawing style in other shoujo mangas. Though I’m not 100% certain. Anyways, the stories is creative, the drawing style is different but their drawing skill is good. I couldn’t spot any mistake. Recommend? Yes.

Again this is maybe from the same artist, and also is another combination book. And recommend 50/50 because what is in the story we could find in thousand of ROV fanfictions: the character are expressing their feeling: Andre loves Oscar, Oscar protecting Antoinette and Antoinette wish she could fall into Fersen’s arms. To some people it might be worth it when simple text turn into beautiful images. But for me, I must repeat that I have grown tired. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret buying this.

But I do regret buying these magazine, even though they’re cheap. I bought them because they were cheap anyway. And now I understand why they’re big, thick and cheap. They took the original manga pictures, changing the details a little and add completely different dialogues in order to create a short fun story, and that’s all. There’re also just a few page, a short chapter of ROV in each magazine, the rest are for other 80s manga. Recommend? NO!



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