I’ve always been a fan of figures, not dolls. Even though nowadays dolls and figures aren’t really different, there’s still something about figure that makes them more lively, more “real”. I mean, figures usually take after the characters really well, meanwhile dolls almost always have to be a little bit “creative”, which mean “different than the characters”. Unfortunately, for ROV, there have never been a doll or figure that really capture 100% the characters’ appearance and spirit.
 I bought these during my business trip in Japan. They might look cheap at first sight, but is  in person they’re satisfying. Of course don’t expect the material and details of modern expensive collectible figures, they were supposed to be children toys made in the 80s. But to me, they did capture the look and spirit of the characters, especially those bust figures. My set isn’t full, though, Antoinette and Andre figures are missing. Also, since they’re second-hand, Oscar had a scratch on her wrists and the fan fell out when I got home. I’m still happy with those, nevertheless. Recommend? Yes, if you can find them at a reasonable price. And I believe you can, they are neither rare nor expensive.

Another-not-full child toy set. They look so much cuter in person. Again, the material and details are far from those of a Nendoroid figure, but you must hold them in hand to see the facial details. They can’t be judged by photo, especially photo of an amateur. I also think these are the “early Nendoroid” since each character cone with a head and 2 bodies so that you can switch between them to change the “clothes”. Somewhat similar to a Nendoroid.

Recommend? Certainly. There’re also Fersen and Andre versions.

Now this’s a full set. They’re key-chains so most of them can’t stand, only Antoinette with the help of her big dresses. They’re modern products but they’re key-chains, so they aren’t expensive and they don’t look expensive. Still recommend.

This’s a gift from my colleagues. She’s second-hand, and is perfect at first. But then she keep leaning forward to the point that she can no longer stand. I couldn’t figured it out at first, but later I found out the stand is supposed to be removable. Yet mine’s strongly stuck to Oscar’s feet. I separated them and glued them together again, adding some padding between her boots and the stand. She was fine for a few months then fall down again so now she’s laying in my closet. Maybe my figure is defective, maybe she’s previously ruined by the old owner, either way, she restrain me from getting other figure (blue, red and silver) of this set. The face is lovely and very “Oscar”, though. Recommend? 50/50


And of course this not-official-but-still-a-figure-made-by-me 😛

In conclusion, it’s strange that the small ROV figures/toys are at least at okay quality and they’re cheap anyways so you can’t lose. On the other hand, the bigger ones, including dolls, are a gamble (unless you can touch them before buying, of course). Choose to toss the die or not is up to you, as for me I’ll choose not to.


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