Pullip 2013 Marie Antoinette and Oscar (and bonus)

Warning #1: This isn’t intended for doll collectors, so if you are into dolls please don’t read it, because I’m fairly certain you won’t like it. This’s written with the mind of a Rose of Versailles’ fan and is dedicated to other Rose of Versailles’ fans. This’s about Rose of Versailles, not Pullip dolls.


Commercial photo

Disclaimer: Not all photos are taken by me. I give credits and made sure the photos are from source/people who are okay with reposting, but I might make mistake. If you’re the owner of the photos and don’t want them here, please let me know and I’ll take it down as soon as possible.


Commercial photo

Let’s talk about Andre first. I didn’t buy him. Why? Just look at the photos, does he look like Andre to you? My answer would be a big NO. He’s just a doll dressed as Andre. Those big eyes don’t suit Andre, that baby face doesn’t fit Andre and the light pink blushes on his cheeks make him look more like Dianne or Rosalie.


1That’s to say, the doll himself, as Taeyang, isn’t bad. Lovely actually. But he’s only  Taeyang cosplay Andre. He’s not Andre. His face looks all Asian and cute, he doesn’t even look like a typical Western man. I mean dark brown eyes, black hair, and black eyeline 0_O…?


Commercial photo

Talking about the hair, I know Andre doesn’t go to a saloon and doesn’t take care of his hair as much as Girodelle does, but at the very least he would have brushed it? Look at Taeyang cosplay Andre above, birds would be very happy to see him, as they won’t have to build a nest. And please keep in mind these are studio shot, with professional photographers and lighting and all…Dolls are just like human, they will look much better in a photo if the one holding the camera know what they’re doing. Plus, the dolls in the photos are probably just came out of the factory, they haven’t been put in a box for a long period and have their hair all messed up.

Here’s what it would look like in a amateur shot.


By Materiel Celeste on materielceleste.com

Oh….long bob hair, how sweeeeeeeet. Well…no!



Commercial photo

On the contrary to his face, his outfit is quite good and capture the manga really well. I don’t know about the quality since I didn’t buy him, but the look is great, exactly like in the manga. And I appreciate that.

I believe the only problem is his hair. I have seen other Taeyang dolls with hair that would suit Andre in my opinion. Like this cute prince.


Commercial photo

It’s curly hair too, but it doesn’t look like a bird nest like the one they have chosen for Andre. Manga Andre does have curly hair, the keyword is curly, not messy. I have a feeling that whoever designed this doll just doesn’t understand the Rose of Versailles at all. 3da017e58c52ca85a002611c7c59f7d2They just took an image of him and went with it, didn’t even bother to read the summary of the story or do more research. Because one very obvious thing in the anime is that Andre has green eyes, not brown. If their excuse is they were following the manga, not anime, then here’s a colored picture by Riyoko sensei, with green eyes Andre. (Though these pictures are harder to find than anime pictures)

Or perhaps they just simply hate Andre? (Can anyone hate Andre?) Because the face up makes he look angry all the time. Doesn’t matter if it’s a professional shot, an amateur shot, or a promotional shot, he all looks like he’s ready to kill someone. If anything, that look suits Oscar, not Andre. And, what’re those line under his eyes? Wrinkle? This’s Oscar’s lover, not father.

The good photos he has are the ones with his forehead almost covered, his eyebrows for more specific. So in short, the doll sounds okay when you think about it: curly dark hair, blue uniform, inner white shirt… , but when you put everything together, it’s not the character but a bad combination.

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