English manga – Loulou’s doll – part 1

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7 thoughts on “English manga – Loulou’s doll – part 1

    • Nope, the vampire story was written right after publishing the manga and it’s usually included in the book. I think the Italian version also has it. This is a series of side stories and was published years later. You can see the drawing style is very different.

  1. Yeah, I noticed the art style change.
    Also, I think you’re right about the Italian version having it.
    You know, I think you, me and Shanna might be able to finish the vampire story as a side project before next Halloween.
    I mean, I don’t believe the story is that long and after all, it might draw some interest in our main project since to my knowledge, the story has never been translated into English.

    • I also have the same idea. That’s why I edited these 😀

      Actually before you and Shanna sent me the translation of chapter 6, I talked with Shanna about this to see if we should pause the main story to finish the side stories first; because I’d like you two to proof read the side story translation I have here (so that the literary style would be the same), she seemed to prefer to continue the main story.

      And I was thinking on asking both of you about the vampire story after I finish these side stories.

      Maybe you two could discuss this? Whether it’s to pause the main story or work on both at the same time (with the vampire story as a side project) I don’t mind.

  2. Great minds think alike 😀
    The Vampire story is so short I think that we could easily do it on the side. I’ll email Shanna about it and see what she thinks.
    I looked at the translation you and your friend did for this side project and concluded that the literary style used is very similar to mine and Shanna’s and fits in with the main project well.
    Also, could you give me more info on this side story as I have never heard of it.

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