My cosplay – Anything at all

I know, it’s not the big day yet; but it’s the right month already. And for no reason, I just want to celebrate right now. So, let’s celebrate:

andré grandierHappy birthday, André Grandier!!

Well, this is our cosplay project for this special day, hope you will like it.


André Grandier: Grass
Oscar Francois de Jarjayes’s voice: Grass
Oscar Francois de Jarjayes: Mia
Photographers: Sunnie, Lương Thiên
Designer: Mia

Go next page and enjoy some pictures ^^


8 thoughts on “My cosplay – Anything at all

  1. Clip làm chi, ảnh động tốt hơn chứ. Tưởng tượng vầy nè: kiss – xô ra -kiss – xô ra -kiss – xô ra -kiss – xô ra -…(over and over) 😳

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