My cosplay – A story at Versailles

A cosplay project made by my friends and me, hope you enjoy it. Please don’t mind the wigs, we had a lot of troubles with them T^T


Oscar Francois de Jarjayes: Whink
Oscar Francois de Jarjayes’s voice: Grass
Marie Antoinette (including voice): Mia
Fersen’s voice: Kevin
Photographer: Trudy Trinh
Designer: Mia
Location: Dam Sen park, HCM city, Vietnam

You would be suprised to know that a crazy Oscar fan, me, had chosen to play Marie Antoinette. :mrgreen:  But something happened in my life and I suddently understood the feeling of missing someone, the feeling of doing stupid things knowing that they are stupid…

Anyway, a little out of topic, my Oscar cosplay will be published on Oscar’s birthday. So, other crazy Oscar fans please wait 😀

Now, if you’re still interested in this current cosplay project, go to the next page to view pictures


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