My video – You’re getting married

I’m not in a good mood now, so sorry for this crazy video.
I used a Vietnamese song for this video, of course there’s an English subtitle as usual.It only took me about 2 hours to translate lyrics, cut and edit pics…so it’s not as good as other video.

It maybe sad in English but some Vietnamese may find this funny or annoying.
I didn’t use the whole song, if you want, google it:: được tin em lấy chồng. And if you don’t think you’ll like the video, don’t watch it, like I’ve said, I’m crazy now ^^

The lyrics in the video:

You’re getting married
You’re getting married
My heart’s broken
You’re getting married
The guy’s from Royal guard
I knew he always loved you

You’re getting married
For me, there’s no light of hope
A perfect match you and him
A perfect life you’ll get
A crumbled soul I’ll have

And here’re original lyrics and the word-by-word-translation

Được Tin Em Lấy Chồng

Composer: Châu Kỳ

I heard you would get married

(Meaning translation)

Được tin em lấy chồng,
Lòng anh buồn biết mấy.
Được tin em có chồng,
Chắc người từ độ ấy
Còn thương tiếc khôn nguôi—
I heard you would get married
Inside I feel so sad
I heard you’ve got married
Must be that guy from the past
Who is still loving you so much—
Giờ em đi lấy chồng,
Còn đâu mà trông ngóng.
Đẹp duyên em với chồng,
Xây cuộc đời đầm ấm,
Để anh tan nát lòng.—
Now you’re married
There’s nothing more to hope
You and your husband are perfect match
Building a happy life together
Leave me behind with a broken soul—
Ai ơi câu ước thề chưa phai,
Năm tháng nào bên ai,
Chung bóng trăng soi.
Anh ơi bao tiếng cười reo vui,
Theo tiếng đàn chơi vơi,
Vọng suốt đêm dài.Người ơi nay hết rồi,
Tình duyên lìa hai lối
Giờ em vui với chồng
Anh về lòng tê tái
Lệ rơi trong tiếng cười.
I’m not going to translate this part
’cause it’s not related to the story

This part is the man’s talking about
the good time they had spend,
what they had promised,
and now the woman’s forgotten everything
then gets married to another man.

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