Oscar statue

Yes, I made this myself and, believe me or not, it made by paper! 😀 Hmm, 95% paper if you count glue, buff brown parcel packing tape…

And if you’re interested, here’s how I made it.

Well, this’s not really a tutorial, just some pics I took while making the statue.

First, the pedestal

Then the horse

Add to it some kind of “paper meat” 😆

Now Oscar

“paper meat” again

This’s “paper meat”: paper powder + pva glue ^^

Add clothes and decoration

* I used a kind of felt, but you can use paper. It’s just I had the felt and didn’t know what to do with them…

Now it’s ready for another step, take a look at my tools

I use a kind of setting-type joint compound for drywall, mix it with water then coat the statue

When it’s dry, use sand paper to make it smooth

Then paint it black, it’s my experience, I think since I intend to paint it gold, it’s better if the first paint is black than let it white and apply the gold color.

Then paint it gold!

I took that pic in the night cause I had to wait until it was fully dry. So the color’s not beautiful and real. Well, this’s the final result.


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