My fanfic- Victor-chapter 2


rating: MA
condition: on going
genre: romance/drama
author: Mia

I found this chapter was really hard to write >< . I had done a lot researches about horses and horse riding accidents. And now, I can’t say I know all about horse, but if you want to know how they choose horses for cavalrymen, ask me!

Chapter 2

– Are you alright? – the little boy haltingly asked his young master

– Yeah…- Oscar answered while trying to abate the pain on his face with the cold water at the fountain

– Let me help…- André raised his hand to touch Oscar’s face

– Thank very much! – Oscar avoided it – if you had come with me at the first place, this would never have happened!

– You would meet those boys in the party room anyway!

– And now I can’t go in there with a face like this! – Oscar shouted angrily

– Ok, I’m sorry! – André yelled back – What do you want me to do?

– …haven’t known yet…- Oscar sat on the ground – but I will cut that kale head and ask nanny cook a soup…

– Kale head? – André stared at Oscar then laugh loudly – be careful with your word!

– I’m serious! – Oscar said laughingly – and that time would come early, you’ll see!

– What do you mean?

– Father will bring me to de Girodelle’s mansion to apologize… – Oscar looked at the ground, something had made this place become uncomfortable…

– But if you do anything, then…- André said confusingly, he knew Oscar didn’t want to received any punishment from the master

– Oh I won’t do anything – Oscar looked at him with big eyes and big smile and André started to understand…

– No, Oscar…not again…


For the “kale head”, everything turned out not too bad after all. Now count de Girodelle noticed his second son could fight very well, right after they went back to the party, he started to introduce Victor with other generals…

Normally, Victor would feel extremely happy. But tonight, the feeling of guiltiness had encroached the happiness territory inside his heart. Father had never hit him, and he always thought father hated him. General de Jarjayes had just hit his precious son and seemed like he that wasn’t abnormal for him to do that…

– Hey, why do you make such a face? – Vincent nudged him secretly and whispered, tried not to let their father know

– What?

– Cheer up, smile or something, I thought you always want this…

– Well, I…

– Hmm? – Count de Girodelle turned back – Perhaps you want to say something? – He asked Victor

– Ah…- uh oh, he needed an excuse immediately – I…may I come and talk to monsieur de Balzac? – “at least that ignominious boy could be helpful for something”

– Monsieur de Balzac?

– I mean his son, Edgard Quesnel de Balzac…

– Oh, you’ve known his son already? – yes, he was right, father was happy to know he had made friend with de Balzac’s son – I’m going to introduce you to him…

– Let the children play as they wish, count de Girodelle – another gentleman said – it’s the best way for them to learn how to behave in noble world…

– I agree! – count de Girodelle smiled – then, you can go, but don’t get into any trouble again!

– Yes, father! – Victor said and gave them a salute like a real mature gentleman

– You don’t want to talk to Edgard, do you? – Vincent whispered again, after they had walked away far enough

– Of course not!

– So what’s wrong?

– I don’t know, I’m a little confused…

– About what?

– About…- Victor looked around and grasped Vincent to a safe corner – About general de Jarjayes and his son…

– You met Oscar?

– Yes, and… wait a minute – he remembered something – you know him? Why didn’t you tell me?

– Tell you about what? – Vincent said – he’s just like what everybody talked!

– Yeah, lovely, strong, great and better than me! – now Victor forgot the thing made him confused already

– Lovely? – Vincent frowned lightly then laughed – so you know that too?

– Know what?

– Oh, you don’t? – he laughed louder – ok, I won’t tell you. Sorry, I can’t…

– Oh…Vincent, should you not tell me what I want to know…

– What do you want to know about me? – a young voice reached their ear

– De Jarjayes! – Victor said unawarely

– If you’re thinking that I was ear dropping – Oscar said as seeing the expression on Victor’s face – Then I was not! But I heard my name so I stopped for a second and then I heard you said you wanted to know something…

Yes, Oscar wasn’t ear dropping, spying on them or whatever, but he did want to see how the kale-head who’d just caused him a big punishment for no reason was doing.

This’s some kind of curiosity but nothing’s wrong with investigating the person who you will give a huge revenge

By that, Oscar had convinced himself to listen to what the two brothers said, and he couldn’t help but asked when he heard they were talking about him.

And the kale-head, it was true that a moment ago, he felt guilty, he felt worry for the little boy who was standing in front of him. But right now when finally he was standing in front of him, Victor just wanted to push him on the round and hit him again! Oh, he hated that boy!

– I was wondering how long you would cry because of that small hurt on your pretty face…- Victor said jestingly

– And I was wondering if your trousers had get any wet since you had shaken and hidden behind your father’s back like a little girl…- Oscar spited out

And another fighting would have happened if Vincent hadn’t interrupted

– Oh, so we were thinking about each other! – he smiled – I’ve the feeling that we may become good friends!

Fortunately that he had interrupted in time before count de Girodelle and general de Jarjayes arrived

– I see you two had made up! – Count de Girodelle said – then probably you don’t have to …- he turned to talk to general de Jarjayes

– Please don’t refuse, count de Girodelle! – general de Jarjayes replied – it was our fault! So in case you really don’t mind about the previous behavior of my child, please accept my invitation to our humble mansion for dinner…


5 thoughts on “My fanfic- Victor-chapter 2

  1. Very interesting, sis Mia!This chapter’s very worth my waiting , I’ve never stopped being fond of you writing, but it doesn’t satisfy me much cuz it’s (too) short =.=. You really know how to make such cliff-hanger to attract us ^__^ Poor Oscar, she hadn’t known things would happen that way. But, fortunately (or not!?!), I think Vincent can tame Oliver well. It’s just a sense of feeling since I find that he loves animals very much… Can’t wait till the next chap.

  2. Glad you enjoy it ^^. I know it’s short, and I took too much time to write. Every time I wanted to write about something new, I had to stop to do research. Like Oliver, first I wanted him to be a racehorse, after reading a long article about racehorse’s history, I found out horse racing wasn’t popular in France. Then I came up with a cavalry horse, after reading another long article, I realized that cavalry horses were trained very well. Then I thought of “the child of cavalry horse”… Well, but that’s not really a problem. The problem is still: it’s hard to write with a child’s view. I should make them grow up faster…

    • Ah! Can see how hard you’ve tried to make your fic more logical. I appreciate and admire your hard work. Uhm you’re right , it’s hard for a (nearly) grown-up, as your age isn’t too old :D, to “write with a child’s view”.But pliz, slow it down, their childhood is already too short in manga and anime though it’s always the merriest and most venturous when we are young and childish. Let it last as long as it can, sis! (Well, it’s just my personal thought, no need for u to mind much and I don’t intend to make you feel kind of being forced, somehow^.^)
      Nice day! *\(^o^)/*

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