My fanfic – What if

What if?

what it

rating: T
condition: complete
genre: romance/humor
author: Mia

This’s one of my very first fanfics and is my first chaptered fic, I had posted it on I didn’t plan to bring it here, but then I came up with the idea checking my writings to see whether I improved. So I fixed this fic a little and post it here.

Basically, I haven’t changed any of the contains. All I did was correcting the mistakes, making the literature become smother and more beautiful and adding some minor details. Even though I wanted to change the story line and I had a better one in my head , I decided to leave it as it was. It’s my first fanfic, how it is, good or bad, it is my idea, maybe sometimes I can read it again and wonder why the heck that time I wanted to write a comedy and it nearly turned to be a tragedy at the end?


Page 2 : Chap 1 – Strenuous mission
Page 3 : Chap 2 – Where’s this place
Page 4 : Chap 3 – The secret in the forest
Page 5 : Chap 4 – Éliza
Page 6 : Chap 5 – Brothers
Page 7 : Chap 6 – The prince and the pauper
Page 8 : Chap 7 – Daddy
Page 9 : Chap 8 – What if…


3 thoughts on “My fanfic – What if

  1. “- There’s a man…-she removed his hand- HE won’t be able to be happy if I become another man’s wife…- now she looked at his eyes again- and I won’t be happy if HE won’t…”


    I adore this site:)

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