My fanfic – Victor – chapter 1


rating: MA
condition: on going
genre: romance/drama
author: Mia

I think the title’s quite easy for you to figure out who’s the main character of this fic.  I just realized we know nothing about Girodelle, and since he’s one of my favorites, I want to create a life for him. I’ve done some research about French history, but I haven’t found all the things I need, then I’m really sorry if there’s any mistake in this fic. If you found one or more, please help me correct.

I’ve to say, I’m both an André fan and a Girodelle fan, and I’m also a fan of tragic stories, so sometimes I can be a bit evil to the characters. Sorry in advance, but you have to accept my stubborn ideas 😈

I’m not sure if there is going to be any hot or violent chapter, then the rate MA is for safe, and if something’s too much, I will use password 😀

Special thanks to Mirona and Rapunzel: Thanks for supporting and helping and bearing my crazy ideas! :mrgreen:

Chapter 1

All his life, he had to hear how great, how strong, how wonderful that boy was although he had lived only 12 years. But that boy was 8 years old, eight! And his father said the boy would become a great warriors soon! Why couldn’t he say anything like that about him? About his own son? Why did all his compliments belong to that boy? The son of General de Jarjayes?

– Ah! – his brother shouted as his sword flying away from his hand – you’re getting better, Victor!

– Not enough! – Victor gruffly threw his sword on the ground and sat again the tree

– What’s wrong? – he came near and sat next to the angry boy – did father say something?

– Yes, he did!

– So what is it?

– You don’t want to know!

– No, I want!

– Really, you don’t want to know! – Victor yelled

– Is it about de Jarjayes?

No answer. He wanted to laugh at his brother humoured face, but he knew the boy had suffered enough from all his jealousness.

– Ok, you know what Victor, tonight I’ll go to a party with father – he looked at his younger brother, smiling

– A ball?- said Victor inattentively

– Not a ball! Some kind of a meeting between Generals…

– Then?

– You can come along…

– Why do I want to come? – he lifted an eyebrow

– I said it’s a meeting between Generals – his brother stood up – and they usually bring their sons to show off…

– I’ll come! – Victor sprang up

– Easy, you’re not going to be a true gentleman with that behavior! – his brother said laughingly

– You’re only one years older than me, Vincent!

– Yes, I’m older! – he said and then ran

– Don’t mess with me, Vincent! – Victor began chasing him, after a few minutes, he jumped on Vincent and they both twined together then rolled on the ground… – Are you going to apply for military school next month? – Victor asked after he dropped  down

– I’m supposed to do that, I believe…

– I wish I had been born before you! – Victor sighed

Vincent didn’t reply. Although he was 13 years old, he knew very well this fighting thing didn’t fit him.  He remembered all the practice days were a nightmare: father taught new posture,  he tried to capture, father attacked, he fell, father shouted and screamed and was angry and he ended up with a lot of black and blue…

“I feel ashamed of you!”

Father usually said that.

– Me too, Victor…- finally, he whispered. Father had never practiced with Victor, but Vincent had. And he wasn’t a good fighter himself but he was good enough to realize his brother’s talent.

– Anyway…- Victor lifted his head and used his arm as a support to look at his brother – I heard that uncle would come here tomorrow!

– Really?

– Yes, maybe he will bring you some book…

– And a new sword for you! – Vincent winked then the two boys laughed happily. Their uncle Franck, a not-famous-doctor, a kind of man that their father thought was a loser. Franck was good with his job, but he had no intend in getting any advance. He had a small house in a small village, he was the only doctor of that village, and the villagers usually give him pork, chickens….instead of money. He said the annual income was enough, he was not a wretch that sponged on other wretches.

Vincent couldn’t understand that clearly, but he understood that he wanted to be a “loser” like Franck. He hated the noisy sound at the court, he hated the sweaty smell at the barracks… Every time his father took him there, Vincent always hid behind his back “like a lost mama monkey”- his father said and after two or three times, he stopped bringing him there. Father didn’t understand! Vincent didn’t want those scary people throw a lot of weapon in front of him and teach him about their functions: this one has a very light and crisp trigger pull, making for more accurate target shooting, very helpful in a duel if you want your enemy dies. Whereas  that one can be use to shoot accurately over long ranges with high-powered cartridges, help you a lot while chasing criminals but you have to be well trained if you don’t want to blow away their head…Vincent didn’t want to learn how to kill people! He wanted to learn how to save them, like Franck…He would prefer to visit Franck’s home, sit in the kitchen and enjoy a cup of tea with some cookies while listen to him telling a story…

But in their father’s opinions, a man had to fight, to create his own destiny, not just be satisfy with having dinner near the fireplace with wife and children…

– I’ll miss you, Vincent! – Victor broke the silent

– What?

– When you go to military academy, I’ll miss you!

– Oh, don’t worry, you’ll go to the seminary soon.

– I don’t want to! – Victor shouted

Victor just started to learn fencing this year, and his skills improved quite fast. But father hadn’t noticed, he was busy with his duty and with the envy of general de Jarjayes…

– You know, Victor, after I’ve gone, father won’t have anyone to train…

– You mean he will fence with me? – his eyes lit up

– Maybe, if you ask him…

– Then, go right now, Vincent! – he pushed his brother

– Hey, who said would miss me? – Vincent fought back, and they struggled on the grassplot like two little puppies…


5 thoughts on “My fanfic – Victor – chapter 1

  1. I like very much the fanart with Girodelle and the beginning of the story is very interesting. Of course I’m looking forward to reading more. I don’t understand one thing though: Oscar is 8 years old, Victor is 12 and his brother is 13, not 9, right?

    • First I didn’t know what made you confuse, then I check the fic and I found the mistake. I don’t know why I intended to type “13”, but I typed “9” instead 😕 Maybe I’m getting old…

  2. Wow, the beginning of this fanfic is really cool. I just love it. I can’t wait anymore to know what would happen next .Sorry if it sounds like some kind of rude, could you pliz pliz continue the fanfic as soon as possible? I’m curious about how Victor would do and Oscar’s reaction or somehow there would be an unpredictable thing to solve the stressful situation… I’m just so curious.
    Thank you for writting this fanfic cuz I’m starting to love Giro since I understand him clearlier through your fanfic.
    Fabulous day, my friend!

    • Glad you like it!
      I’m trying to write with a child’s view, but it’s really hard, I can’t think innocently anymore 😳 ( you know I’m kidding, right? 😉 ) Anyway, sorry but the next chapter can’t come early.
      Let me tell you a secret: I’m making Oscar become Girodelle’s enemy 😈

      • oh,how interesting that is! First, the envy and misunderstanding lead to enemy-ship. Being enemies keeps one thinking about the other. Then comes love. =>Just my imagination after knowing your intention. Typical but lovely! ^^I believe you can write an even better story. Not simple like mine thoughts.
        Take any time you want to create this fanfic. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

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