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Do you want to watch the new ROV anime?

All French fans of “the rose of versailles” make a petition for the remake :

On behalf of the fans of the famous manga by Riyoko Ikeda “Rose of Versailles” I am sending you this petition so that the film version of the manga can come out as soon as possible . Since 2006, we’ve been waiting for this movie which is relentlessly put off to our great despair. So far we have just some video clips as the pachinko ones and a few pictures , so a final version on our screens would be welcomed. The phenomenon”The Rose of Versailles”is not only Japanese, it includes fans of all ages and from all over the world today. The number of fansites, fanfictions and AMV’s proves it . The work of the fans should not be neglected: their enthusiasm gives a second life to products which date back to many years ago. It would be a shame not to acknowledge their work with an updated version. I hope you will listen to our appeal and appreciate the fact that, because of us fans, “The Rose of Versailles” will never be forgotten.

Many regards

How to sign?

  • click “signer la pétition”
    • Civilité : status
      • Choisir: choose
      • Mlle: miss
      • Mme: Mrs
      • M: ? (I don’t know what it is)
    • Nom : name
    • Prénom : ( first?) name
    • Adresse : Address
    • Code postal :zip code
    • Ville : City
    • Pays: Country
    • Profession : occupation
    • Commentaire: comment here
    • Recopiez le code de sécurité: Please copy the security code
    • Recevoir la newsletter : Les pétitions à la une. les nouvelle fonctionnalisées, les bon plan du web…: Receive newsletter: Petitions, the new functionalized, the right plan from the web …
    • Je reconnais avoir lu les conditions générales dans son intégralité et en accepter tous les termes: I have read the Terms and accept them all
  • click “signer”
  • And done :mrgreen:

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