My fanfic – How to seduce a man? – chapter 3


How to seduce a man?

rating: M
condition: complete
author: Mia

Chapter 3

“What? What did you say?”

“You heard me well!”

“Yes, but I’m not sure I understand well!”

“Do you realize most of women dresses don’t have collars?”


“Can you image what will a man see, if the woman’s in front of him stoops?”

“You mean…”

“Exactly! – here, the mysterious smile again”

“You can see by yourself, my shirt has collar, because it’s A SHIRT! – oops, Oscar’s head was gone again”

“Remove this thing– her sister touch the ribbon below her collar, its mission is holding Oscar’s shirt – and your collar will became useless! – she was going to untie it – this’s event better than a_no_collar_dress!”

“No! – Oscar stopped her – leave it alone!”

“I told you, the other steps are nothing without this!”

“I know but I won’t do that! – she stood up quickly and angryly – I won’t do any of those steps!”

Yes, she said, very frimly! But she just did all those steps, only one left…actually, she was thingking about it (while she still laid on André, in case some one don’t remember :mrgreen:)

Why men always want to look at women at “there” anyway? There’re no other attractive part on a woman’s body?

-…Oscar…? – finally, André found his quavering voice (poor guy ^^!)

– Ah…oh…I’m ok…-she put her hands on his chest in order to get up…that action made a strong effect on the guy was laying under her, unfortunately, Oscar didn’t realize that…- well, that’s enough, we should go in side…- she said, didn’t look at him.

-…if you say so…-his voice still wasn’t normal yet, she noticed it, but in another way…

– Did you get hurt, André?

– No…

– So stand up! – she gave him her hand again, to help him up…he took her hand reservedly – you are trembling! – she said, with his hand in hers, did she know that was actually the reason why he was trembling?

– I’m fine! – he took his hand back.

– But your hand is sweating! Have you suddenly got a flu or something?

– I said I’m fine! – he shouted while running away, yes, running, because he couldn’t stand that anymore…


What’s the matter with her today? She thinks too much about the match so she left her head at there too?

The poor guy was wondering in the kitchen

What’s the matter with me either? Why my heart beats so fast? Why I feel like I’m burning?


Why her body’s so soft? We used to struggle, so many time, and when I punched her, I thought I was hitting a hard rock! But now…it’s like striking a feather billow…

He looked at his hand, tried to remember the warmth when it rest on her back…Then he closed his eyes, tried to remember the swing of the blond hair on his face, just a few minutes ago…And he remembered the touch of the stranger “things” with his body…

What the heck am I thinking?

He shook his head

I need some hot chocolate too!

Hot chocolate?

He looked at the pot on the stove


Never think while you’re warming up something, otherwise it will totally evaporated before you know!


“The other steps are nothing without it!”

What should I do now? I have no idea…

The young girl was standing at the balcony talked to herself

Ok, just forget it, I don’t like it anyway! And I won’t use it, this’s enough!

She sighed

I need to take a bath, to cool my head down…


– Oscar…- he knocked at the door…noone answered –Oscar? – he turned the door handle – Oscar! – he asked again, while he was aldready in her room.

– I’m in the bathroom, André! –finally, she answered


Why did that word make him blush?

– I…I bring you the chocolate…

– Put it on the desk!

– Ok!

He came near the desk beside her bed, on which her clothers were topsy turvy, like usual. And like usual, nanny would tidy up them, but because her gandson was here, he thought he should help his gandmother…
His hand shook when he touched her shirt…and when he saw the ribbon, he blushed again…he was imaging what would happen if she wore the shirt without it…

– André! – she’d finished her bath

– Ah…I…I’ll bring these to grandma! – he stammered

– …sorry, André…- She said while he was walking toward the door

– Sorry…? – he stopped – about what?

– About today…about everything! – she took the cup, brought it to the balcony.

– I don’t understand – he followed her

– hmm…I don’t know how to say…-she didn’t look at him -…you’re my well… experiment…

– Hah?

– My sister told me how to seduce a man, and I applied it on you…-this time, she looked at him

– What?

Ah,  that explanted a lot!

– I said I’m sorry!

– Why do you want to learn something like that?

– Never mind, I just want to sorry – she drank the chocolate – it didn’t work well anyway…
“you know, Oscar, it was really working, I thought I’ve had a heart attack!” – he wanted to shout that out, but he knew, better keep it for himself…and seeing her standing in the light of the sunset, his heart soon got another attack…

– …have you finished that? – he tried to drive the indecent thought out of his mind by that stupid question…

– Ah…yes…- Oscar gave him the cup, but he missed it, and it broke into pieces when it reach the floor

– Leave it to me! – he said

– Are you ok? After the fencing, you don’t look really fine…

Of course I’m not fine! How can I be fine after that “seduce” things?

– Don’t worry, I’m fine!

– Really? – She bended down a little…forgot all about “what will a man see, if the woman in front of him stooped?” that her sister told her…

– Yes, really! – he yelled when he found his heart stared the race again, and when he swing his arm, he made her fell, again…

– Ouch! – well, I have to say “again” again, because, again, she fell on him…

– Oscar…- he tried his best to speak – this’s the third time you fall today, and…- it was getting hot here – and if I remember well…this’s the second time you fall on me…- and the second time André found his mademoiselle in his arms entirety, sorry if I interrupted 😳 – is this one of your application?

– Sorry for disappointed you! – Oscar managed to sit up quickly – But I already stopped my project!
“I don’t mind if you continue it” – André thought, and he helped her by lift her up…then…
Hmm…I don’t know how to describe this, too hard…let say…you remember the part about the ribbon? And André “ was imaging what would happen if she wore the shirt without it”? Well, he didn’t have to image anymore! Because the movement made it fall on his face. But before that flat ribbon cover his eyes, he saw the “things” that under Oscar’s white shirt, the “things” that pressed against him a few hours ago… they smashed into his eyes in a very impressive way, not very clear, but absolutely impressive…
There was a long silent moment…before Oscar finally sat up and then stood up…André slowly removed the solf matterial was covering his eyes, and what he saw is the blond young woman was standing there, and holding her shirt…
He didn’t say anything. He sat up, cleaned the mess on the floor, took the clothes and got out of the room…


André gave the clothes to nanny and still didn’t say anything, he went to his room, closed the door behind his back, and breathed in short pants. He breathed like that was his last chance to breathe…but you should sympathize with him, because he‘d held his breath all the way from Oscar room, if he held it for one more second, his file would end immediately!

Now, his face was the same as Oscar’s face, at the time  he laughed at her, after she screamed because of the ladybug. He shook his head again, how many time that he has to shake his head today? He didn’t know, this was an unusual day… Obviously unusual, not like he can see “them” everyday! Not like he can feel “them” everyday! Well, she’d fallen on him several time before…but why he never really feel “them”? Untill today…and now he can’t get “them” out of his head, expecially after he see “them”

He feel the heat rush to his head suddently as remembering the figure of his mademoiselle, the figure of “them”…he remembered how soft her body is…that’s when he only touched her back and her wrist, so, he imaged how will he feel if he touched…

Ok, enough!

He dipped his head into the water, in order to restore some of his mind…

Stop thinking about that!

But, well…he remembered how fair her complexion was…the skin always was under the light of the sun, but it still had a beautiful color…he wondered how about the skin always was covered by her clothes…


Again, he dipped his head into the water…


Dawn it!

Oscar kicked the leg of her desk. She did all the steps her sister taught her, including the last step, the one she thought she could never do it, well, that was an accident, but she did it anyway!…And what did she get? Nothing! Did she do anything wrong? No, she didn’t think so (me neither :mrgreen:) Was he an exception? Was he somekind of guy couldn’t be attracted by woman?

But wait!

How could she know whether it worked? That’s something her sister didn’t tell her… What will a man do if he was attracted by a woman? What would he react? She saw at the court, if a gentleman is interested in a lady, he will ask her for a dance. Of course André couldn’t do that here! What he had to do?
Oscar stepped around in her room. How could she know if it worked? There had to be a sign!

Ah, yes, a sign!

A bulb lighted above her head.

That’s it!

A sign! She will look for a sign! Now, she’ll go downstairs, and look for a sign, she’ll look at every actions of him, and try to guess if it is a sign…

The end
chapter 1chapter 2
Ok, I decided to end this fic here, because I can’t image what’ll happen to that poor André, but can you? :mrgreen:


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