My fanfic – How to seduce a man? – chapter 2


How to seduce a man?

rating: M

condition: complete


author: Mia

beta-reader: Arwen

Chapter 2


– Ok, ready, Oscar? – André took up a defensive position, he was ready for fencing.

– … – Oscar, on the contrary, had a beehive in her head. Well, after the talk with her sister, she supposed to be in that condition…

– Are you alright, Oscar? – He asked as seeing her uncomfortable face.

– Oh, yes, I’m fine! – She raised her sword, and started, not the fencing, but started to practice her lesson…

Honestly, Oscar didn’t like that lesson at all! But she was curious, after all, she’s a young woman, and like other young beautiful ladies, she had the power to steal a man’s heart…Was there anything that other people can do, but Oscar Francois de Jarjayes can’t? No! She can do everything! The men’s job and the woman’s stuff!

“There’re 5 steps to capture a man”


– Oscar, what are you doing?

– I’m fighting!

– No, you are not! – André lowered his sword – you are defending! – And he suddenly gave her a thrust; of course she was easy to evade it, but only evade, not strike back – What’s wrong with you? – He asked – This is not like you!

– Shut up! – There was a butterfly in her stomach; she enjoy this situation as less as André.

– You’ve gotten worse, Oscar! – André kept attacking her, hope she would finally fight back.

– I said shut up! AH! – And after a move, Oscar fell into the fountain…

– Oscar! – André ran to her – Are you ok?

– Yeah, yeah…I’m ok! – She answered with a fretted tone

– Well…perhaps we should take a break…

– Good idea! – She gave her hand to him…

– Huh?

– Help me stand up!

-…oh…ok…- he pulled her up while staring at her, is this really the Oscar he knew?

“The first thing you have to remember, that you’re a woman…”


“…that means you are fragile”


“So, you have to lose!”

“Wait, what? I thought you were trying to help me win!?”

“Yes, I am! You must lose to win!”

Well, and now she lost! And she just felt into the water, was it even better than lose? Her sister wasn’t here to answer, but Oscar could answer herself, that the feeling of loss wasn’t good at all! She kept thinking, and when she realized, André was sitting on a branch.

“The second step, after you lost, you must make him stay”

“What do you meant?”

“If he goes away, you’ll really lose! So, you must make him keep his eyes on you, and you will have a chance to fight again!”

Must make him keep his eyes on you

Hmm, her “subject” was setting on a branch right now, what’s the best way to be in his sight?

– Oscar, what are you doing?

– What do you think I am doing? Plucking leaves!

– But what for?

Ok, what for? She can’t tell him “for attracting you”!

– I don’t know! – And by that she knew how stupid she was.

– Are you really ok? – He jumped off the tree – did you hit your head at the fountain?

– I’m ok! – She threw all the leaves away (I feel pity for the tree) – let’s get back to fencing!

– Are you sure? – He looked at her with suspicion.

– Yes! – However, she had his attention now, that’s the goal…- take your sword!

– Ok…- André picked his sword up, and looked at her walking, he was worry about her, what’d gotten into her? Then he saw her back under her wet shirt…she was slim, too slim maybe…but the way she walk…it was…And André realized he was staring at his playmate, his mademoiselle… “Mademoiselle”? Oh, he almost forgot she’s a girl…because she always wins; she’s always stronger than him…But now…

His “mademoiselle” had picked up her sword and turned back to face him, unintentional, he looked away…her shirt was still wet…not soaked, but still wet…and somehow it discovered her curves, even he didn’t look at her, he knew it had to…

– On guard, André! AHHHHHHH– Oscar shouted, then shouted louder, then threw her sword on the ground.

– What? What’d happened? – André rushed forwards her, and he saw a small red dot on her sword, he leaned up to look – A ladybug? – He laughed

– Why are you laughing? – What’s wrong anyway? She’d done exactly as her sister taught her, so why didn’t he act the way he has to? Comfort her, something like “there’re nothing to be scare…”, instead, he was laughing at her!

– Oscar Francois de Jarjayes scares of a ladybug? – He couldn’t help laughing – Oscar, I’ve seen you so many time step on the big spiders!

– So what? Those are spiders, and this is a ladybug! – Her face had the same color as the ladybug; she didn’t know what she is talking about. She was thinking of stop practicing that stupid lesson right now…

– Ok, Oscar…- he was standing right beside her – you really need a rest! – He put his hand on her shoulder- Go inside, I’ll bring you some hot chocolate…

– I want to continue fencing – she removed his hand, she need to win the match with Girodelle, by her sister way or by her own way. But André grip her wrist

– No, you won’t! – He wanted to say something else, like “stop being stubborn like that! You were acting weird the whole day…” but he couldn’t. Because he had her whole wrist in his hand…her wrist…too small…and soft …He remembered just a couple years ago, it was the same size as his, and even harder than his…

And Oscar realized his stranger look…he has never looked at her like that…was the lesson working? Did it start to have some effects on her “subject”? That thought made her interested, she decided to continue…

“Before you learn the next step, I have a question”


“Do you know what’s the most attractive part on the body of a woman?”


Oscar didn’t know, because her father didn’t raise her as a woman. Now she knew…

– I will, André! – She pulled back her hand – go to your stand! – She pick up the sword even the ladybug was still on it – get ready!

André gave a sigh…he knew his “mademoiselle” had a bull-headed, it’s fun to win her, and he just did! Well, nothing wrong if she wanted to lose again…And he was the one who started the fight…But this time, it was like the usual days…she was stronger than him…He saw a big question mark in front of his face, today was absolutely an odd day…He lost his sword…like usual, she threw away her to, to be fair, like she always said. They fought as close quarters…and…

– Ouch!

Oscar fell! It is not something strange, because they were fighting. She fell on André! Not a strange thing too, because that thing had happened for so many times…but this time, she didn’t get up as quickly as the other time…

– Oscar, are you hurt? – André asked and touched her, and he found himself embracing her entirety in his arms…Well, I should say “holding”, not “embracing”. But she was in his arms entirety anyway…

He found her hair on his face, he found his hand on her back, he found how soft and warm her body was…and he found ‘them’ pressed against him…

Oscar was laying on her “subject”, not exactly what her sister told her…

“You have to let him feel ‘them’

“What? Are you insane?”

“I didn’t tell you let him touch ‘them’ or something, but let him feel…”


“For him to know you have ‘them’”

“If he knew I’m a woman, he should know a woman always has ‘those things‘! – She was completely lost her composed – And in case he didn’t know that, he isn’t blind, he can see!”

“See and feel are not the same! Beside, a gentleman can’t go around and look at women at ‘there’

“Oh, I see at the court many gentlemen do that !”

“Oscar, who is teaching? You or me?”


“You have to figure a way; it’s different in different situation…”

And Oscar’d figured her way for this situation. As her head was on André’s chest, she found that his heart was racing with a speed could make it flew out of his rib-cage…That meant he felt ‘them’, that meant her way succeeded? She was happy; after all, she wasn’t an ignorant student! And there were only one step…

“The last step is…”


“You have to remember, this is the most important step!”


“The other steps are nothing without it!”


“If you’re not going to this, all your hard works is futile…”

“OK!!! I got it! What’s the last step?”

She remembered her sister’s smile, she remembered her mystery smile…oh, and how much she hated that smile…

“The last step is…- she said slowly, while drinking the tea – show him your skin!”

To be continue

Chapter 1chapter 3


Note: don’t ask me what’s the “them”, you have to figure it out yourselt :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “My fanfic – How to seduce a man? – chapter 2

  1. Ok…I think I know what is “them” … :)) …I’m looking forward to reading the next chap…What’s happen next??..Don’t you write that Oscar will show her body to Andre??

  2. I see it’s easy for you to guess :mrgreen:
    @ Sandy: not that far, you think she’ll take off her clothes or what? 😯 But..well, I’m sure there’ll be a very interesting scene, and I have to say: poor André 😆


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