My fanfic – How to seduce a man? – chapter 1

Well, the title already said everything. This time, Oscar‘ll try to learn the best way to seduce a man :mrgreen:  But what for? Ok, start reading and you will figure it out!


How to seduce a man?

rating: M
condition: complete
author: Mia
beta reader: Arwen

Chapter 1

What do you think? , Oscar? – General Jarjayes asked while his daughter was staring at the white uniform. – There’s no duty more important for the renowned of the French Royal guard than this one! – A light smile drawn on his face – you will guard Lady Antoinette!
– Really, father? – His daughter was really excited – The new crown princess?
– Well, you have to win a match with Girodelle, but I have no worry about that! – General Jarjayes was happy to see her showing her interest about this.
– Victor Clement de Girodelle?
– Yes! – He nodded – he’s a great soldier, but you‘re much better than he is! – He put his hands on her shoulders – for this, I’ve taught you fencing for 14 years!
– I will get that uniform if I win?
– Yes, and you will!
– Then, I should start practicing now!
– Easy! – Her father laughed as seeing her brightly face – Relax! In fact, your sister is going to be here tonight to wish you luck! Take a rest, talk with her and start your practice tomorrow!


– Ok, tell me about him! – The pregnant lady was sitting on the armchair, with a cup of tea in her hands, asked her sister
– Who?
– The one you will fight with!
– Girodelle? I don’t know anything about him!
– Not any little thing?
– Well, he’s older than me…19 or 20 years old…
– That’s good! – The lady smiled.
– Why?
– Keep going, anything else? – She didn’t answer, for some reason…
– Hmm…nothing…
– Did you meet him?
-…I don’t think that can call “meet”!
– What’s your point?
– Well, I  saw him at the court, once, but we didn’t talk, he even didn’t see me!
– Ok! – The lady put the cup on the table – how does he look?
– Sliver eyes…long curly grey hair…bright face…-it was hard for Oscar to describe a man, she never did that before – wide shoulders…robust body…
– Does it mean he’s good looking? – The lady smiled a mysterious smile
– Hmm…maybe.
– Is he handsome or not? Yes or no?
– Ok…yes!
– And you’ll fight with him?
– Yes!
– You’re a lucky girl!
– Why?
– Perhaps you are not only going to win the match, you are also going to get his heart! – She winked at her sister.
– What do I need his heart for? – Oscar looked at her with innocent eyes – I only need the uniform!
The lady stared at her sister with wide eyes and then laughed like she was just watching  a comedy
– Oscar, Oscar…you’re a young girl, but I think you should know that already!
– Know what?
– Ok, probably this is father’s fault- she stopped laughing – I’ll fix it!
– Fix what??????? – Oscar was really confused.
– Now, answer me, how will you win him?
– …By my skill…
– Your skill?
– I’ve practiced a lot, and I’ll do more tomorrow to be prepared…Now what??????- Now Oscar was angry as seeing her sister roared with laughter again.
– Sorry Oscar…yes, you’ll use your skill, but not that kind of skill!
-…I don’t get it…
– Ok! – The lady stood up – Do you know what you have and he don’t?
– Come here! – She dragged her sister toward the mirror – Look, don’t you see?
Oscar looked at herself in the mirror…she saw a young girl was wearing pants instead of dress…blond hair…blue eyes…nothing special.
– I  don’t see anything! – She answered after a while.
– Ok, let me show you – the lady took a curl of her hair – you have this!
– Hair?
– No, golden hair! Or as a poetess will call it “golden wave”.
– I’m happy that I don’t like poem!
– And this! – The lady continued
-…blue eyes?
– No! Sapphire eyes! Or…
– Ok, I don’t want to know what a poetess will call them!
– And important, this…- she touched her sister’s breasts.
– Sister! – Oscar jumped as if she were bitten by a snake.
– Don’t you get it? You are a woman! A lovely woman!
– So?
– Oscar…- the lady sighed at the naive of her sister – do you want to win?
– Yes!
– So, there is something you must learn, besides fencing…
– What’s that?
– The way to seduce a man!
– What? What for? I absolutely don’t need that!
– Are you absolutely sure that you’ll win? – Her sister smiled again – Are you absolutely sure that you won’t make any mistake? – She came near her
– Well…I will be very careful…
– Why don’t you take this like a little trick, to make sure you will not lose? – The lady held her hand and leaded her back to their seats – now, do you want to know or not? – She asked while sitting down
– …ok…
– Tell me what do you think a man will be seduced by?
– …beauty…perfume… flaccid sexy woman…?
– Sexy, yes! But flaccid, no! – She poured out another cup of tea – I would call it “fragile”
– What’s the difference?
– Well, if a lady screams when she saw a bug, that’s fragile. But if she fain, that’s flaccid!
– I prefer to step on that bug!
– You don’t have to scream, but pretend to be scared…Like, you were sitting, the bug fly over your head and you suddenly stand up, and that’s all!
– I don’t think I’ll sit while fencing!
– That’s just a way to express…- the lady laughed again.
– Ok.
– And about perfume, in fact, men like the nature scent of women…
– What?
– The scent, the smell of the body…
– That’s disgusting!
– You got it wrong! – She shook her head – not the smell after hours of fencing or running, just the scent…
– Ok, that’s enough knowledge! I don’t want to know more! – This time, Oscar laughed.
– Let me recap the important point- the lady took the cup again, the talk made her thirsty – There’re 5 steps to capture a man…- she took the teapot – oh, out of tea…
– I’ll tell André to bring you another one! – Oscar found her way to escape this uncomfortable talk.
– André? Oh…- the lady discovered something.
– Huh?
– Nothing! – The mysterious smile appeared on her face again – I have just found an excellent subject for you to practice the lesson…

To be continued
chapter 2chapter 3

Note: Ok, I think you all know who is the “subject“ 😈 Let’s see how Oscar seduces a man in the next chapter 😛


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