My fanfic – What I want to say is…

oscar andré

A letter André writes to Oscar, to tell her what is in the bottom of his heart…

What I want to say is…

condition: complete
author: Mia
beta reader: 7Ace

In the garden of Jarjay’s mansion, the wind was blowing a golden wave…Oscar just saw Rosalie off…

“André…”she said with the man behind her. “I always bring trouble to you because of my stubbornness,” her eyes were closed. “Always…I could never do anything by myself!” she looked at him. “You always behind me like a shadow…” she closed her eyes again. “Always…”

Now André was standing next to that beautiful woman, and she just said that she couldn’t do anything without him! What should he do now? What should he say?

Yes! He has to say that! He has to let her know that!



“I…I want to tell you something…”

“I’m listening…”

“I …want to say…I mean…”

“What is it, André?”

“I want to tell you…I …It is…”

What’s wrong with him?




“I…I want to tell you…I…”

Ok! That’s it! Tomorrow is my first day in the French guard; I don’t want to be late!

“You know, André…”Oscar smiled “Why don’t you write it down for me…I mean if it is that hard to say…”

“…A letter?”

“Yes, you can call it a letter…well…a short one,” she added, “with twenty sentences!” She didn’t want to receive a notebook full of “…I want to tell you…”


Dear Oscar.

Oscar, this is the first sentence I write to you. Now, I’m writing the second sentence. Well, this sentence is the third, for now! Oscar, do you realize you’re reading the fourth sentence? However, I don’t know how to say that to you in this fifth sentence…

I hope I can tell you what I want to tell you in this sixth sentence, but it’s really hard to say, to write…perhaps I should write it in the seventh one. No, please wait to read it in another sentence, Oscar…

Oscar, what I want to say is…do you know the ordinal number of this sentence? Because I’m confused now, I still couldn’t say that, I can’t! If I’m not mistaken, this is already the tenth sentence…

You know, when I put a dot at the end of this sentence, I’ll start to write the twelfth one. I really want to say that, I really want to let you know. It’s just I’m afraid you may not accept it…so I’ll save it for the next sentence.

Oscar, are you still reading? What I want to say is…is…ok, be patient and read the next one. If you considered me as your best friend, I’ll say… I’m trying, don’t make this harder! Oh my God, I’ve written seventeen sentences already? I’m really sorry; I don’t want to waste your time! Oscar…what I want to say is…damn it! Is this the twentieth sentence?

The end

note: Could you image Oscar’s face when she reads his letter? 😆


6 thoughts on “My fanfic – What I want to say is…

  1. Hahahahahaha……… So funny, Mia!!!!
    I laugh until my stomach hurts 🙂

    I don’t know that U could be such a comedienne…

    I’m sure Oscar feels dizzy by that vague letter and wants to angry but, she must be already had stomachache just like me.. 😀

    Watch out Andre, Oscar is after U… :p

  2. Yeah, I laughed at alot the first time, but when I read again, I feel something else…
    This story’s funny, indeed…but don’t you feel sorry for Andre? He coudn’t say it, he couldn’t even write…poor guy 😦

  3. I think Oscar probably said: “are you kidding me?? What on fuckin’ earth are this??” (assuming she has been infected with the elegant French Guards’s vocabulary)

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