My fanfic – I hate that woman

This fic’s about Alain’s feeling when he do “this”


I hate that woman

rating: M
condition: complete
author: Mia
beta reader: 7Ace

“Alain wait! Alain!”

I heard her shout.

No, I have to kill him, that base rotten noble; no one can stop me…

“Alain, stop! Don’t be foolish!”

I’m not fool! I’m not stupid! Anyone who can understand this situation can feel the pain of all those commoners. Anyone with half a brain could feel angry, could be furious and thank God, I had the whole brain! I’m not going to stop! No one can stop me, not even you, Bitch! What are you worrying about? I’ll take every responsibility, I’m the man!

“Alain, what are you trying to do?” she grasped my arm.

“Let me go!” I almost screamed.

“You idiot!” she tried to snatch at my sword “there’s no need for this!”

I don’t give a shit! Let me go, woman! I hate that bastard, I hate nobles, I hate you! Yes, I hate you; the noblewoman with high rank, the woman had taken everything out of my control! Yes, my control!

I grasped her hands and I could see how surprised she was.

You never thought I could do this, did you?

I pushed her against the wall.

You think everybody will follow your command? You think I’ll follow your command? No, not this time! This time, I’m the one who will take the control!

“You…” she stammered weakly.

I could see she was stunned by my revolt, and she couldn’t resist. Her blue eyes were full of fright; her mouth was open…her mouth…her lips, just…

Before I knew it, I was pressing my lips against hers…

I could feel the blood drain from me at the moment our lips met…I could feel her heart stop beating as we were so close together. Meanwhile, my heart was racing wildly in my chest…

As I felt her hands move in my grip, like she attempted to fight me off, I came back to reality, and I stopped for a second…

What the heck am I doing? I’m kissing her? I’m kissing my commander?

But then she turned her head away from me.

Oh, no, miss Commander, you was always know how to change an adverse situation, but not this situation. Not the situation which I’m the master!

And I crushed her lips with mine. This time, it was a real kiss, hungrily, passionately and demandingly. I couldn’t stop, I lost myself in tasting her.

I felt her rapid breath on my cheek; I felt her warmth and her tremble…

I had never felt so powerful; my commander was melting in my arms…

And the sensation drove me wild, my kisses traveled down her delicate neck…

“…let go of me…” she put up a weak resistance as I finally moved my lips away from hers.

No, why do I have to let you go? I finally get an advantage over you, and I won’t let you go!

But I felt something else; someone had grasped my hand hastily and angrily…

Who dare to stop me?

I wanted to shout at his face, but I couldn’t, he brutally pinned my arm and nearly broke it…

I realized that he was André.

When I saw his rabid look, I stepped back automatically to evade his blow…

His fist glided in the air and stopped in front of my face…

Why have you stopped? Go on, punch me!

Our gaze met for a moment and I’m the one who turned away. I closed my eyes and waited for his decision, he had the right to punch me…

Hit me André, I deserve that.

He let me go without saying anything.


I stared at him, but he didn’t even look into my eyes. And I ran away.

Why didn’t you punch me? That’ll be better for three of us! At least, that’ll be better for me! Why didn’t you punish me for kissing your woman? Why did I kiss her anyway? I’ve hated her since she had transferred to the French guard and became my commander. I hated her even after I lost in the duel. I hated her even though I was thankful to her for helping me with my sister death. I hated her even though I admire her personality. I still hate her now, I still hate her even I just kissed her right there. I hate that woman, I hate her, I really hate her…

The end

Note: Alain’s one of my favorite characters. And it’s interesting to find out what was in his head when he was kissing his commander, although it’s hard for me to write because I’m not a man.


5 thoughts on “My fanfic – I hate that woman

  1. Of course, U hate her but indeed U were enjoyed kissing her lips 😐
    And Andre, why U didn’t punch him as hard as U could??? 👿
    If I were U at the time, I’m surely will!! ❗
    Not because he just kiss her, but because he called her a BITCH! 😯

    • Oh, I see you can read my fics now!^^
      Sorry for not replying your email, I just saw them a second ago, don’t know why they’re in the spam box…

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