How to draw Oscar with photoshop

How to draw Oscar with photoshop?


    This’s how I drew my arts by computer:

Note:I usually use illustrator and photoshop, but on this tutorial, I only used photoshop.

    First, you need 2 pic, a real pic to copy the posture (this’s not necessary if you’re good with anatomy, but I’m not -_-! ), and a pic of your character , this time, I use these:

real pic

Oscar's pic

  • you can download the full size of the real pic here , and the Oscar’s pic here

Here’s the abridged video:

And you can download the original video with normal speed here

Now, here’s the specific instructions:

    1. Open photoshop, open the real pic
      Follow this: filter-aristic-cutout and fill the bland like this pic
  • tut

      you will have this result


    1. then, press ok and now, open the Oscar’spic, and drag it into the real pic , like this:
  • tut

    1. And set blending mode to multiply
  • tut

    1. Resize layer 1 and make it fix to the face, like this:
  • tut

    1. Make new layer and draw the face base on layer 1, and then fill it.
  • tut

    1. Draw and paint the dark and light colour base on the background
  • tut

    1. Do the same thing with the shoudler and the hair
  • tut

    1. Draw the detail of the face base on layer 1 then delete layer 1
  • tut

    1. fill the background with black
  • tut

    1. Merge all layer with the same part togetther, mean you only have 4 layers now: the hair, the face+shoulder, the eyes+mouth+nose, and the background. And now, you’ll need a pluggin: Neat image.(you can find a link to download it at the end of this tutorial)
  • tut

    1. Selet layer face+shoulder
      Follow: filter-neat image-reduce noise
      Select tag: noise filter settings
      Set all the bar like on the pic
      Then press preview, then apply
  • tut

    1. and you have this:
  • tut

    1. Do the samething with layer hair, and you’ll receive this:
  • tut

    1. Hold ctrl and click on the thumbnail of layer hair, (that mean you’ll select every detail of layer hair)
    1. Open Hue satuation and set the value like this:
  • tut

    1. Hold ctrl and click on the thumbnail of layer hair again
    1. Open brighness and contract and set the value like this:
  • tut

    1. If you’re not saticfy, then, use dodge tool, burn tool, blur tool, brush tool…to correct everything
    1. make new layer under layer eyes+mouth+nose then colour her eyes and mouth
    1. and now you have this:
  • tut

    1. Merge all layer to layer background
      Dulicate layer background
      Select layer background copy and follow
      filter-blur-gaussian blur
      set the value about 5 or more, and you have this:
  • tut

    1. Set blending mod of layer background copy to overlay
  • tut

    1. A little correct with level, brightness and contract…if you want
      And here’s our Oscar
  • Oscar

      • tips:
    • You can download the plugin neat image demo here, and if you want to download the crack also, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you ^_^
    • Always make new layer for everything: the outline, the colour, the hair…it would be easy to fix something afterwards
    • Use pen tool to draw the face and other detail, it’ll make your pic more “real”
    • If you don’t know how to use pentool, you should take a look here
    • After drew by pentool, press ctrl+enter to make it become a selection, or, right click and chose “make selection”
    • And if you have anything to ask, feel free to ask me, you’re wellcome 🙂

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