My fanfic – A perfect night

This fic’s about this scene:
but it’s not hot, so, you only need to be older than 12 to read it…

rating: T
condition: complete
author: Mia
beta reader: 7Ace

“André, tomorrow you’ll go to Paris, do you want to have dinner with us tonight?”

André asked himself, what did I hear? The master asked him to have dinner with him and his daughter? He had never dreamed of this…but…

“Sorry, Monsieur, I should have dinner with my grandma…”

“Oh, that’s a good idea…”

Yeah…good idea…I want to be with grandma before the operation, that’s normal…still I really want to have dinner with Oscar, at least for tonight…just one night, one night forget all about status, social standing…No, I can’t…if I do it, she will find out the true about my eyesight…and she won’t let me go with her tomorrow…I have to go with her, I won’t let my Oscar go to the battlefield alone.

My Oscar… I wish I could say that…

He has to be with her, like he did for 20 years…

Oscar interrupted his thought:

“After dinner, come to my room, André!”

“What for, Auntie?” the little girl with curly hair asked. “Can I come too?”

“For listening to a piece of music, Lou Lou” Oscar said. “I’m practicing some music by Mozart!”

“Oh, Mozart…” the little girl whined “I better play with Grandpa, right Grandpa?” she said and smiled with General Jarjayes. After all, she and her mother came here tonight to say good bye to her aunt, only for saying good bye, not for listening to that kind of music, the music always made her yawn…

“Yes, Lou Lou, you should leave your aunt alone tonight!” General Jarjayes answered and gave his daughter a sharp look. Oscar avoided his look…


André could hear the music from downstairs, a slow melody, maybe a sad one…he went upstairs and saw Oscar with her violin…she stopped playing when she saw him.

“The music by Mozart doesn’t suit you…” André said, “You need something faster.”

“Ah…you’re right.” Oscar replied, but she didn’t look into his eyes, why didn’t she?

“Is this the reason you want to see me, Oscar?” he asked.
But she didn’t answer…her face slowly turned red…

“Tonight…I want…” she said hardly, “I want to be with you…”

André stared at her with wide eyes, that was the second time he couldn’t believe what he heard tonight…Oscar continued, she said faster, like she had used all her braveness to say it.

“I want to be with you, as the wife of André Grandier…”

Now André was flabbergasted…the woman he loved, the woman was standing right there, the woman with those blue sapphire eyes, the woman with the golden hair was flowing in the wind…the woman was looking at him with a look made his heart miss a beat…and she had surprised him by saying she wanted to become his wife…but then he surprised her by bending down on his knees and said:

“You …you want to give me…you want to belong to me…I have neither the social status, nor the position, nor the fortune to make you happy…I have nothing…not even the force of Titan…I am not even capable to protect you…”

When saying that, he also thought “what the hell am I saying?” did he want to refuse her?

No, absolutely not! He didn’t dare to dream of a night like that; even she had said she loved him…but why? Was he afraid she might say that just because of her compassion…or did he really think he wasn’t good enough for her? He really thought that she wanted a strong man, with strong arms, to hold her and protect her from everything. Well, he got his answer.

“André, to be a man doesn’t mean being ready to fight…” Oscar said when looking out of the window, tonight, the moon was beautiful… “Somebody said, one day, when a woman realized that a man with a sweet and soft heart, is the only man who she can count on, it would be too late…” she still enjoyed the moon, the moon light was falling all over her, made her golden hair more golden…André came near her silently, he almost got his answer… “I am…” Oscar continued “…I am happy to realize in time that this man was by my side…”

All those words were like a strong storm hit his heart and woke his instinct…he was behind her now…he was behind his beloved, the goddess that he had promised he would never touch again…but this is the time to break that promise…he put his hands on her shoulder, and let her soft curly hair caress his face for the first time in his life…he could feel her scent…and she could feel his breath on her ear…this made her a little nervous…and she rushed him out…yes, Oscar Francois de Jarjayes was nervous, was scared for the first time in her life, she wasn’t scared when she chased the black night.

She was nervous when she danced with Fersen, but this was a different situation, huge difference…

André knew she was scared, and he grasped her hand, she was tough, but after all, she was a woman…and it was nature to be nervous, to be scared…

No Oscar, you had said you want to belong to me…

He thought, and he knew this was the time; he had to show her his manliness. This moment, he wasn’t her servant or her best friend… he was her husband…

“Oscar, I can’t wait anymore…” he said then gently embraced her in his strong and warm arms. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time, it is enough.” he whispered to her ear “Oscar, I can’t stop…” he looked straight into her shy eyes then kissed her forehead softly “Don’t be frightened.”

Oscar looked at the man who was holding her face, she was still nervous, but wasn’t scared anymore…why did she have to be scared anyway? This man was with her since they were children, he was always beside her, and she used to sleep with him when they were kids…Well, they had broken that habit for a long time, but there was nothing wrong if they wanted to get into that again…

“I’m…yours…” she said with a deep low voice, and put her head on his chest.

André carried her to the bed and took off his shirt. He smiled and fondled her cheek, and kissed her. It was too silent; the moon was out there, smiling with them. A moon beam fell on them, made Oscar’s hair sparkle and beautified the color of André’s eye. They were looking at each other passionately, and her hands was on his bare chest now; things were getting hotter and hotter…his hands moved, but before he could do anything, the door opened and somebody rushed into the room:

“Auntie, I couldn’t sleep!” said Lou Lou. “Can I stay here with you all night?”

The end


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