My video – Legend of love

Rainbow Bridge

Do you know now that I must be going
To a place full of happy memories?
In an emerald meadow by a Rainbow Bridge
You can hear heaven’s anthem on the breeze

Well, a heavenly light falls around me
In a twinkling my youth has been restored
Over green hills and valleys once again I roam free
Like the days when on eagle’s wing we soared

I’m surrounded by many companions
And together we pass our pleasant days
Every need is provided, there is nothing I lack
Save for you to whose memory my heart strays

When you’re heaven-bound
There’s a place you pass through
Called the Rainbow Bridge,
I’ll be waiting there for you
Yes, I’ll be waiting for you
With a heart that’s tried and true
Till the day I can feel , once again,
Your arms around me

Fare thee well now for I must be going
Dry your tears, no you must not cry for me
Till the day that we meet again at long journey’s end
At the Rainbow Bridge,
You know that’s where I’ll be

At the Rainbow Bridge
This heart waits faithfully


3 thoughts on “My video – Legend of love

  1. oh i saw that clip short time ago 😯 and i like it so 😥 much very emotional melody, touching tune with perfect and sadness scenes
    and I am so glad to find its words here 😦 😐 😀

    • I cried while making this video, and a week after that, I still cried while watching it, this song’s perfect for André and Oscar. Now, I’m not cry anymore, but always feel sad while hearing the song 😐

  2. oh first i didnt know that you made it very beautiful and also I cried when i read the meanings of the touching song
    at the rainbow bridge the lovers shall met and stay together for ever… the rainbow bridge ….
    you were very successful in choosing the scenes and of course the wonderful song
    keep going 😀

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