My fanfic – embarrassing situation

Well, this fic take place after this scence


And it contain some hot details, not really hot, but I suggest that you have to be older than 15 to read it…

embarrassing situation

What if Oscar and Andre getting catch when they do “that”?

rating: M
condition: complete
author: Mia
corrected by Mia on Jan 10 – 2010

After the faint, nanny became weaker and weaker, Oscar was really worried and she wanted to call the doctor, but nanny said that was no need. Oscar knew, if granny didn’t want to, she couldn’t push her…but she was still worried. So, she came home usually, and one night, she saw granny shaking when she was tiding up, Oscar couldn’t take it anymore. She went out to find André. But she couldn’t find him any where, he wasn’t in his room, he wasn’t in the stable…

– where could he been?- she really impatient.

Oscar went to the stable again, she didn’t know where to go. He still not there, she getting angry and hit the bucket on the ground.

– ouch!

That was not Oscar, that was someone else. Someone on the stack of straw in the corner. Oscar came near to check…that was André, he was sleeping and the noise waked him up.

– André!- Oscar shouted in an angry way

– What? What’s wrong Oscar?

– How can you sleep when I’m burning?

– Burning? Why? What happened?

Oscar turned away, silent for a moment…

– It was nanny…I’m really worry about her…

– Grandma?

– She’s getting weaker everyday!-Oscar turned back and scream-How could you not noticed?-she really mad – You are her grandson!

– Take it easy,Oscar- Andre tried to calm her down – Of course I knew that…but…- he stood up

– But what?-Oscar still mad

– What should I do? Send her to a rest-home?

– That’s not what I means…- she turned away again…there was a low voice in the backyard calling her name

– Mademoiselle Oscar!-that was nanny, and she was coming. Oscar and André confused, what should they do? They were talking about her… nanny already was in front of the stable door, André grasped Oscar hand and took her into the corner… nanny come into the stable, she didn’t see anybody. Before she went out, a maid saw her

– Nanny! What are you doing in here?

– I’m looking for Mademoiselle Oscar, did you see her?

– No, I didn’t. but I’m looking for you?

– Me? Why?

And they stayed in the stable to talk about some kind of vegetables, it look like nanny was too weak to cook and general Jarjayes’s guest would come to the mansion tonight, the maids didn’t know how to handle…Oscar and André had to hide in the corner. André stayed near the exit, so he could see if granny goes. But Oscar wanted to see too:

-let me see André!

– it’s too narrow here!…. Ouch!-he suddenly creamed

– low your voice down!

– you stepped on my foot!

They were to close to each other…Oscar remembered the last time she was that close to a man…it was Girodelle, and she remembered what he did, she remembered her feeling too. Her feeling…about the kiss…Girodelle’s kiss…his lip…and another lip…she couldn’t see nanny , but she could hear she’s gone…

– She’s gone, right?

– Maybe…- André answered,  he was looking at Oscar. She tried to avoid his look and check if nanny really gone…

– OK, she gone! – Oscar said, and she wanted to get out, but André was standing in front of her…- stand aside André! – she said, André didn’t move…now they were very close, it was very quiet, he could hear Oscar’s breath, he could feel her golden hair on his face…he touched her hair…and her face…he didn’t know what was he doing… – what are you doing? – Oscar stepped back, but he grasped her hand – let me go André – now she feel a little nervous… – let me go, or…-she couldn’t finish, someone was coming…

– Oh, it’s here – it was nanny again – I’m lucky, if I lost this key, I’m in a huge problem…


6 thoughts on “My fanfic – embarrassing situation

  1. Ahahaha!!

    I really love your sense of humor. It was a very funny story. And hot. The last words of Girodelle was terrific!!

    keep writing!

  2. I like this ff of yours, too 😉
    but, I can’t remember that pic above, in which chap oder volume do I find it?
    furthermore, when did Girondelle kissed Oscar in the manga? “They were to close to each other…Oscar remembered the last time she was that close to a man…it was Girodelle, and she remembered what he did, she remembered her feeling too. Her feeling…about the kiss…Girodelle’s kiss…his lip…and another lip” somehow I can’t remember this scene either.

    • Sorry for being late.
      The pic is after the crown prince Joseph and Oscar drove a horse, Oscar was sitting, drinking wine then nanny came by and said it was bad for her…

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